Bungie’s upcoming first person shooter title “Destiny 2” will attempt to introduce a combination of casual and competitive environments in its Matchmaking. Players can expect that the second game installment will have different Matchmaking settings between its two PvP playlists. When the game officially releases, matchmaking times will be reduced.


When Bungie launched the beta for consoles of its second first person shooter title, it introduced its traditional mix of skill-based and connection-based Matchmaking. This was implemented in both Competitive and Quickplay playlists.

However, it appears that this is about to change soon in the beta for the game’s PC platform and for the full game.

Several players who were able to try the game on its console beta suggested that skill-based matchmaking should be reduced, if not removed from the casual Quickplay playlist. It seems that the game developer took the players’ suggestions and will now reduce the skill-based matchmaking. Furthermore, the score cap for a match will be extended while the Mercy Rule gets adjusted.

According to Bungie, there will be less emphasis on Skill and Matchmaking times will be reduced in the upcoming PC beta and full game’s release. This will be the fastest way into a game although players might face opponents that are beyond their comfort zone.

Aside from that, in Control, the winning score has been extended to 100 instead of the previous 75. This will give players more time to use their abilities. Additionally, as matches were shortened, the game developer has extended the trigger for the Mercy Rule. This means that the rule will be available less often.


Skill will still be the driving force of the Competitive Playlist. However, it will be combined with connection-based matchmaking to reduce the latency during the match. According to the game developer, these settings might take more time. However, Bungie is confident that the experience of the gameplay quality will be worth the wait.

There are also several changes and improvements that players will notice. This includes the way in calculating the player’s skill in the Countdown. This is to further reflect the player’s performance against its opponents.

PC Beta

All of these changes will be available on the PC Beta of “Destiny 2.” The beta will be available on Early Access starting August 28. Players’ feedback will still be very important on the part of the game developer as they are using these to further improve the game. It will also be their observation time to check how the latest changes fare in application.

Meanwhile, Bungie released the latest trailer for “Destiny 2.” You may check it out below. The second game installment will be officially released on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and on October 24 on PC.