It looks like "Pokemon Go" fans are in for a treat. A slew of new Pokemon are headed to Niantic Labs' hit AR (augmented reality) mobile game.

While "Gen 3" Pokemon is just around the corner, a recent report from Comicbook takes a gander at the new Pokemon and how they are likely to change the game. Here's a brief glimpse of the Pokemon that will make an appearance along with Pokemon Go's next tide of releases depending on their types.

The game is not exactly brimming with "Gen 3" Fire-Type Pokemon, but the ones that are there do not essentially affect the metagame.

It's worth noting that there are a couple of Pokemon among these newfangled creatures that boasts a one-of-a-kind dual-typings that will hopefully bring some excitement to the game.

Fire-Types Pokemon revealed

The adorable Torchic will evolve into one of the game's most powerful Fire-Type attackers. Blaziken, Torchic's final evolution has relatively high Attack stat than both Typhlosion and Charizard, which makes it a better attacker compared to the aforesaid Pokemon.

For those unaware, Blaziken is the game's original Fire/Fighting dual-type Pokemon. This unique combination allows it to ward off a slew of Pokemon Go's more common gym defenders.

Blaziken is capable of kicking through Rock-Type Pokemon such as Golem, and it also uses flames that emanate from its ankles and wrists.

Although Blaziken does not boast the same level of high CP (combat power) such as Moltres or Ho-Oh, it is likely to gain huge popularity among trainers.

Numel and Camerupt

Team Magma is one of the two nefarious teams found in the Hoenn region and its trademark Pokemon is Numel and Camerupt. However, they are not powerful Pokemon, despite Camerupt being a rare Fire/Ground dual-type.

Camerupt's Defense and Stamina stats are not quite impressive, and its biggest strength i.e. Attack stats does not match with other Fire-Type Pokemon. On top of that, Gamerupt is not a dependable Ground-Type Pokemon although it does not have any sort of vulnerability to Grass-Type attacks.

There is a possibility that both Camerupt and Numel will become common Pokemon in "Pokemon Go" with restricted benefits aside from Stardust farming and occupy Pokedex holes.


Torkoal features a rocky shell, but that doesn't stop it from being an authentic Fire-Type Pokemon. It's CP is nearly identical to that of Camerupt. Torkoal has an upper hand over Camerupt in the form of an impressive Defense stat.

In addition to having average Attack stats and Stamina, Torkoal will come with a Defense stat that will be only second to Ho-Oh making it the second-highest among all Fire-Type Pokemon. Torkoal may not play a vital role as a gym defender, but its modest Stamina stat will stave off its ability to survive a lot of attacks. Moreover, both Camerupt and Torkoal are likely to end up with Ninetales in the exact same tier.