With its official release date fast approaching, more details about Bungie’s upcoming game surfaced online. Aside from the massive changes that players can expect in “Destiny 2,” there are also minor yet significant ones that are worth noting. This includes the new way of decrypting engrams.

Decrypting Engrams

Bungie has three years of experience to lean on when it comes to knowing what works best for a first-person shooter. Aside from the new story content, and new game modes, there are little changes that have a substantial impact in the overall gameplay experiences of the players.

Most likely, the developer’s experience has helped them in coming up with new ways to make some features in the game more accessible.

One interesting change that Bungie implemented is the streamlining of the process for players using the new progression system. In its previous installment, decrypting the engram became more like a chore. Players would collect engrams such as rare, exotic or legendary and take these to Rahool. However, before the player could decrypt it, they need to be equipped with the highest light level gear. This way, they can be assured that the engram decrypted into an item will have the highest possible light. As soon as the item was decrypted, players needed to equip it before the succeeding engrams.

And the cycle goes on. Failing to equip the highest light level in the slot means a greater chance of getting a lower level item.

It appears that this will no longer be the case in the upcoming title. According to project lead Mark Noseworthy, “Destiny 2,” will calculate the best possible loadout for when decrypting engrams.

The gear that players will get will be automatically based on that calculated light level. This time around, players just need to decrypt engrams by batch without having to worry about the light level of each item. This minor tweak is a significant move from Bungie, especially for players who are into power leveling.

Leaked achievements and trophies

Recently, a listing of the achievements and trophies in Bungie’s second game installment has been hitting the web. Aside from the achievements and the trophies, the leak reveals several raids and activities in the upcoming first-person shooter title. The listing also discloses the name of the first raid in the game called Leviathan.

A new term, Prestige Difficulty seen in the leaked listing also sparked speculations among players. Some said that the Prestige will replace the Hard or Heroic mode in “Destiny 2.” Others said that it could be a new difficulty in the Nightfall Strikes mode of the game.