Several fans are now complaining about the Ticket Refunds promised by niantic labs. The “Pokemon Go” Fest debacle in Chicago has disappointed many players. To make amends, the game developer promised to refund the tickets of those who purchased and participated in the festival. However, it appears that getting a refund is not that easy.


Recently, several participants of the Chicago Fest received an email from the game developer informing them that Niantic is currently collecting details necessary to effect the refunds. As part of the company’s confirmation of the player’s participation during the event, those requesting refunds need to submit the information required by the game developer.

The requirements include the time the player joined the event on July 22. The 7-digit alphanumeric ID found on the player’s wristband is also required. Also, players need to submit the 12-digit alphanumeric code shown below the check-in QR code. Aside from those, players also need to produce the order number as well as the email address that was used to purchase the tickets online. Furthermore, the email address that the player used to activate the wristband is also needed.

That is not all; Niantic Labs is also requesting the claimant to submit a picture of the wristband during the Chicago Fest. The picture must contain the 7 and 12-digit codes, the QR Code and the Chicago iron-badge. All these must be seen in a single photo upon submission.

While the company has previously asked for an apology for what the players have experienced during the festival, the requirements needed to claim a ticket refund throw shade to the goodwill. Chances are, many of the participants may have already lost some of the required items. The not-so-good experience might have triggered some players to throw away their wristbands right after the event.

Most probably, the developer would like to have these requirements in order to avoid fraudulent refunds. However, this could mean a problem to those who purchased the tickets from scalpers. Perhaps, they did not even know the email address that was used to purchase the ticket as well as the order number of the ticket.

Legendary Raids

Meanwhile, the game developer has recently sent another email to players informing them that Zapdos will eventually leave the game on August 14. The email also hinted on the possibility that Legendary raids might be in the augmented reality game until the end of summer. There are still Legendary pocket monsters that are not yet released in the game. Fans would be somehow delighted to have Ho-Oh or Mewtwo in “Pokemon Go” before summer ends.