Atlus previously revealed the Dragoon and Warlock class that can string numerous spells that greatly damage the enemy. Now they have released a new trailer that revealed a Fencer class. Fencers are expert in agility and the blade. This class is excellent in frontline speed and offense, which can evade enemies' attacks as well. Their skills can also chain from other allies' attacks such as the skill called "Chain Flame."

Along with the chained attack, a Fencer can also increase allies' evasiveness as well. This is a good skill that will turn the tides of battle.

A miss can be an opportunity to deal additional damage during battles in terms of the Fencer class. Here is the trailer via worthplayingvideos that reveals the Fencer class with some customization options for players:

For those who pre-order

These are the following benefits for those who pre-order the said game:

24-page Art Book

Character designs and concepts are inside this art book created by Yuji Himukai. The character designs are sights to behold in this art book.

Outer Box

The box that holds the copy of the game and contents are protected by an outer box. Also, this box is decorated with art and the world around Ygdrassil tree.

Music track CD

This music track CD contains 6 tracks from the game.

In addition. the game is not complete without immersive and wonderful music that opens a new world to players.

The Fencer class

The Fencer is a unique class that is a master of both rapier and shield. As mentioned before, this class is perfect for stronger enemies because it can dodge some attacks while counters some of them as well.

The Fencer class is a wise choice for those who will venture out of the world on longer periods of time. Since Fencers are adept in both evasion and attack, these warriors take the upper hand in battles, if they dodge an enemy's attack. While they counter the attack, they can also assist other teammates by chaining some of their skills as well.

Based on the trailer video above, players can also select and customize their own fencers through colors. They can also pick two character designs for each gender. This will make sure that no two classes and characters are alike in the same party.

Etrian OdysseyV: Beyond the Myth for the Nintendo 3DS will launch this October 17 in America. On the other hand, the game will launch this fall in Europe. As the date approaches, more Nintendo 3Ds titles are being released along with the expected "Pokemon Ultra Sun" and "Pokemon Ultra Moon."