Pokemon Go” fanatics should rejoice as numerous updates will land on the popular Niantic mobile game. After the well-talked about lawsuit served to Niantic due to the failed “Pokemon Go” event, the San Francisco-based software company is all set to attempt to regain the trust and love by new and existing Pokemon gamers.

New reward for all trainers

Earlier this week, Silph Road members reported that they are experiencing bugs with the game. Many of them experienced having a broken Premier Ball that greatly reduces their chance of getting any new Pokemon.

To those uninitiated, Premier Balls are exclusively used to Raid Battle multiplayer mode. These special type of Poke Balls can only be used to capture the Raid boss that gamers successfully beat, especially legendary Pokemon which includes those hard to find and rare Pokemon creatures. The number of these special Poke Balls are available to be used at the end of the battle varies.

The issue was acknowledged by Niantic via their support site, wherein the company said that they are actively working to resolve the bug. While gamers wait for a solution, the game developer now offers a reward to all trainers. Niantic is offering extra Premier Balls at the end of the multiplayer Raid Battle, which increases their chances on capturing legendary Pokemon and battle bosses.

New Pokemon coming to ‘Pokemon Go,’ other details expected before Pikachu Outbreak Festival

According to ComicBook.com, three shiny creatures will be coming to “Pokemon Go” soon, including Shiny Pichu, Shiny pikachu and Shiny Raichu. Assets for these three Shiny Pokemon were recently added to the game’s code, which may mean that they’ll go live within the game at any time.

The said move to add Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Raichu and Shiny Pichu in the game’s code was to celebrate the upcoming Pikachu festival in Japan, wherein thousands of Pikachu conquers Yokohama City. On Aug. 9, people in Yokohama will celebrate the yearly Pikachu Outbreak Festival, where tons of Pikachu will be seen parading and dancing.

Along with the celebration, “Pokemon Go” will have Pokemon Go Stadium and Pokemon Go Park that will feature special 2KM eggs, Johto region collectible monsters and Kanto region Pokemon. Trainers will also have the chance to catch Mr. Mime during the festival.

To those uninitiated, Shiny Pokemon is categorized as an ultra-rare Pokemon variant. These shiny pocket monsters possess different coloration compared to their normal forms.

Before the festival kicks off in Yokohama, it was announced that Facebook will be adding new filters and masks featuring the most popular pocket monster, WWG reported. The Pikachu filter, which will only be available in Japan, Hong Kong and selected Asian markets, will feature a bunch of Pikachus appearing on your screen when you shake your phone.

The mask, on the other hand, will give a creepy yet adorable look to anyone who uses it – having alien-like ears, electrified cheeks, and soulless eerie eyes. Pikachu filters and masks will be available on Aug. 20.