The “Overwatch” Summer Games 2017 is in full swing along with the addition of a new and improved Lucioball. Fans will be able to partake in the 3v3 matches as they compete to push the ball into the enemy goal. The execution is pretty simple and it’s to get the hang of it but new players might still feel a bit overwhelmed during their first few games. However, it’s nothing to fear and you’ll soon be skilled enough to compete in your placement matches for the competitive Lucioball mode. In line with this, here are some Basic tips that you should know before playing the “Overwatch” arcade brawl.

Set a goalie

One important factor before the game starts is to talk with your team and assign someone to stand by your goal. While this may not seem like much, it’ll actually help if the ball gets too close to your side. Lucioball usually plays out with four players fighting against each other while the other two stand by their goal. Goalies will also earn points for pushing the ball back just as it’s about to hit their side of the field. Know your skills, and if you don’t feel confident roaming around the field, you should hang back and guard your team’s post instead.

Be aware of the new skill set

Keep in mind that while you’re playing as Lucio, he doesn’t have the same skills he has in normal games.

To begin with, he can no longer heal or shoot his weapon. His primary fire has been replaced with his melee attack while his alternate fire is still the same, except that it doesn’t push his enemies back. You can’t hurt your opponents here either so don’t even bother trying to punch them to death. Moreover, his ultimate ability has been changed to giving him a major speed and jump buff instead of the typical sound barrier.Take note of these slight changes and you’ll be weaving around the soccer field in no time!

Practice makes perfect

Finally, the last tip is an essential one of all and is applicable to pretty much any activity in general. If you plan on taking Lucioball to the competitive level or just wanna keep fooling around in the arcade, you have to keep practicing to get the hang of it. The learning curve isn’t as steep as you think and it’s not that intimidating to commit to Lucioball when playing “Overwatch.” The more you play, the better your reflexes will get and you’ll be bouncing the ball back to the enemy goal each time. Don’t forget to keep solid communication with your teammates over the ball’s location and you’ll be set for the game.