With Moltres appearing in Pokemon GO battle raids coming to an end, it is time to discuss different possible ways on how to beat the next Legendary Pokemon in line. Today, Niantic will be releasing Zapdos as the next legendary Pokemon that trainers could attempt on adding to their Pokedex.

Several Moltres facts

Just like other legendaries that came before it such as Lugia, Moltres, and Articuno, Zapdos has its own fair share of vulnerabilities. Zapdos is an electric and flying type Pokemon, which means it takes a significant amount of damage from rock and ice type attacks, as well as, deal reduced damage to the dragon, ground, grass, and surprisingly electric type Pokemon.

Best rock type counters

In order to fully exploit the weakness of a legendary Pokemon or any Pokemon of that matter, you will need to use a counter that has the same type of quick and charge move as much as possible. A perfect example to that is Golem, a Golem that has Rock Throw and Stone Edge is the best quick and charge move combo for rock types. Making Golem your top choice in battling Zapdos.

However, if you don’t have a Golem that has this specific type of move set, you can opt for either a Tyranitar with good IVs that has Bite and Stone Edge or a Rhydon with Mud Slap and Stone Edge. Though Rhydon’s ground type quick charge attack Mud Slap deals less damage towards electric types, its defense certainly fills that void.

Best ice type counters

For ice type Pokemon, if you want to contribute as much damage as you can to your team in beating Zapdos, Jinx should be your Pokemon of choice. A Jinx with Frost Breath and Avalanche, though being its second most powerful attack move-set, still deals a significant amount of damage at 1,621.

Now, if you already have your rock type Pokemon all set to battle with Zapdos or if you just don’t have a Jinx yet on your Pokedex, you can actually use Piloswine as a considerably good attacker and tank.

A Piloswine with Ice Shard and Avalanche is a good counter move set.

Although keep in mind that a Frost Breath and Avalanche Jinx is still better, this particular Piloswine is no slouch at 1,340 damage. Also, being a ground type Pokemon helps your Piloswine’s survivability.

Premiere ball glitch?

In other news, Pokemon GO Hub just recently published a blog post, saying that it might just be impossible to catch a raid boss using the last Premier Ball.

This certain bug has yet to be verified, however, they are basing this statement on the current rate of Pokemon GO trainers who have successfully captured a raid boss with the last premier ball.

Niantic has yet to make a response towards the claimed in-game bug though. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more Pokemon GO cheats and news.