According to a post on the official "Pokemon Go" G+ page, the Legendary Pokemon Zapdos has been spotted in the game. The publicly shared post recommends players team up with their friends in a bid to find a nearby Legendary Raid Battle.

Zapdos makes an appearance

Zapdos is Team Instinct's mascot and now the coveted creature has made an appearance in "Pokemon Go" as the next Legendary Pokemon.

Players will be able to get their hands on Zapdos from August 7 to August 14. That being said, getting hold of this Electric/Flying dual-type creature is no child's play. In fact, according to a Comicbook report, catching Zapdos could pose a tougher challenge than catching Articuno and Moltres.

Unlike the aforesaid Pokemon, Zapdos doesn't have a lot of vulnerability. Despite having a relatively lower defense stat when compared to Articuno, Zapdos doesn't subsume a double weakness similar to its Legendary Bird counterparts. As a result, beating Zapdos could require as many as 6 to 7 trainers.

More often than not, raid battles boil down to a combination of having a numbers advantage and of course, having a streak of luck on your side. Here are some "Pokemon Go" tips and tricks that could come in handy while battling Zapdos.

Use Golem and Rhydon

Zapdos is beyond an iota of doubt one of the hardest Pokemon to beat in "Pokemon Go," however; it is still vulnerable to a couple of types of attacks i.e. Rock-Type and Ice-Type Pokemon.

A majority of Pokemon that employ Ice-Type attacks during battles usually have a secondary type that is vulnerable to Electric attacks such as the Ice/Flying type Articuno and the Ice/Water type Lapras.

But many Rock-Type monsters have the edge over Zapdos during a battle because they are Ground-Type Pokemon as well.

In favorable conditions, Ground-Type attacks are capable of withstanding Electric-Type attacks. As Zapdos is a Flying-Type, it doesn't have this advantage, but it can still inflict huge damage on any Ground-Type Pokemon.

In other words, Pokemon such as Golem and Rhydon can give you your best chance to capture Zapdos.

A Stone Edge Golem is capable of doing some serious damage to Zapdos, while taking only a fragment of the damage that other Pokemon would when attacked by an Electric-Type behemoth.

Other vulnerabilities

Getting your hands on Zapdos is highly likely to be laborious as it doesn't come with too many weaknesses. Tyranitar could prove to be an apt opponent provided it has Stone Edge; however, it will be unable to hold out against Zapdos's attacks.

Dragonite could turn out to be another dependable counter as it is an effective attacker. It's worth noting that Dragon-Types are capable of resisting Electric attacks, meaning, Dragonite's advantage is outweighed because it is a Flying-Type as well.

Furthermore, you can fill out your team with some unconventional Ice-Type Pokemon. Although Piloswine and Jynx cannot be deemed to be strong attackers, both can inflict more damage than an average Pokemon provided they know Avalanche. Piloswine gets the upper hand as it is a Ground-Type Pokemon, which makes it immune to Zapdos's attacks. It is imperative for players to bear in mind that Piloswine's base Defense stat is regrettably very low. In fact, Comicbook believes it is highly likely to be eliminated just by a single charge move by Zapdos.

The report also suggests this Raid will heavily rely on the number of people in your team. This is not the kind of Raid just a couple of people can do by themselves. Therefore, ensure you join a larger group when taking on Zapdos for the first time


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