Niantic Labs seems to have made the “Pokemon Go” Plus functional again in the game. It appears that the game developer is now fixing many bugs that have plagued the Raids since it was launched in the popular augmented reality game. With the recent development, players are happy that the issues they have been reporting in the previous weeks appear to have been fixed now.

'PG' Plus

Niantic Labs has made massive server side fix to “Pokemon Go.” This results to several bugs infesting the Battle Raids to get fixed. Among the issues that appear to have been addressed now is the “PG” Plus now functioning properly.

In the early part of summer, Niantic Labs introduced the Photo Discs in the popular augmented reality game. This allows players to make a spin on the disc to collect items sike PokeBalls and Potions. There are also exclusive items that can be obtained in the Photo Discs like Raid Passes and Gym Badges. Unfortunately, the game developer did not make the new gyms functional with the “PG” Plus.

The “PG” Plus is a small device that allows players to enjoy the augmented reality game while on the move without looking at their smartphones. It links to the smartphone using Bluetooth and sends notifications to players on the event in the game. This includes LED flashes and vibration as the form of notification when a pocket monster is near the player’s area.

With the Photo Discs, players who have the “PG” Plus device will have to open the app and spin gyms manually like regular players.

While it is not a big issue, this frustrates many players that own the “PG” Plus device. The device costs $35. The massive changes in the in-game Gyms give players the impression that the changes made during the summer made it pointless to use the device at all.

Niantic’s statement

Niantic Labs explained that the device did not work with the in-game Gyms because of the issues with the coding involved in dispensing Raid Passes and Gym Badges to the players. The game developer previously said that they did not have an immediate fix to the issue. However, it appears now that the fix is implemented and players who own the device are now happy with the latest development.

As of this writing, it is not yet clear if the “Pokemon Go” Plus device only works with the in-game Gyms that owners have visited before or if it can now be used to spin any Gyms. Hopefully, Niantic Labs could release a statement to clarify this. Although the recent change is just minor, it is interesting to see that the game developer has made a significant step to address the issue.