Ubisoft revealed a trailer for an upcoming massive update “Tom Clancy's The Division.” It is the 1.8 update, which is also described as the Resistance update. Fans got very excited as Ubisoft will release the Resistance update for free. It adds tons of new features in the game, such as two new game modes and a new area. The game will also receive a new social space, which will be very convenient for most players.

What are the two new game modes in the Resistance update

First in the upcoming game modes is the Resistance mode, which is a cooperative mode where players must survive waves of enemies.

Every wave increases the difficulty of the game, making it very challenging for newcomers. However, it is also a good way to farm new gears as players can receive high tier items as the number of waves increases. Ubisoft also explained that the enemies in the Resistance game mode would try to team up to defeat the players. Due to this, players can expect that the enemies in the game mode will be very strategic.

The other game mode is called the Skirmish, which is a Team Deathmatch, where two teams containing four players will go head-to-head on each other. To win in the Skirmish, a team will need to earn the highest kills until the timer expires. Both of the said game modes can be accessed in the new area, which is also included in the upcoming update.

What is the new area in the Resistance update

The new area in the Resistance update is called the West Side Pier, which is a heavily guarded location. The trailer also reveals that the West Side Pier is the area where enemies seem to regroup and create a very powerful alliance.

The West Side Pier also has different spots where players can go sniping.

There are also a lot of covers in the pier, giving players a safe zone in case of encounters. Aside from the new zone, players will also receive a new social space which is called the Camp Clinton.

Social spaces are known to be a safe area in the game where players can change their gears without any concerns of enemy encounters.

Ubisoft will also add multiple in-game fixes and balancing of some weapons. The company also confirmed that they would also bring some changes in the Underground DLC.

The game's gearing system will also be optimized in the upcoming update. Ubisoft has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks as they kept on bringing new contents in “Tom Clancy's The Division.” Considering that the upcoming Resistance update is free, fans can expect that the game will receive tons of new players.