The highly anticipated first-person shooter game from Bungie will be released next week. Console players of the upcoming title “Destiny 2” will finally enjoy the much-awaited video game. Interestingly, with a few more days before its official launch, fans are still digging up more information about the content of the game. This resulted in a discovery of the details about the game’s DLC.

Latest leak

More information about the highly anticipated first-person shooter title from Bungie was recently leaked online. With the “Destiny 2” PC Beta already available, several fans started data mining the game.

The activities yielded more information about the downloadable content of the second game installment from Bungie. The leaked information allegedly contains high-level DLC details and was recently reported by Jason Schreier of Kotaku.

Curse of Osiris

According to the latest leak, the First DLC for the upcoming game is called Curse of Osiris. The report says that the DLC will center on the space wizard Osiris. The downloadable content will have a Patrol Zone and a brand new Social Space. The leak also claims that the DLC will be made available to players on December 2017. That would be approximately three months after the game’s official release on the consoles.

The DLC, according to the leak will task Guardians to rescue Osiris from the alien life forms in the game called Vex.

It is worth noting that the character has been previously the topic among speculations, which claims that it will appear in the video game. If the leak is accurate, then it would be the very first time that players will see Osiris in the game.

Patrol Zone

In the Course of Osiris DLC, the Patrol will be situated on the planet Mercury.

The Guardians will be provided a place to gather in a brand new social house on the Lighthouse. In the previous game installment, the Lighthouse was only exclusively available to players who have achieved a flawless record in the game’s PvP mode called Trials of Osiris. Given that the latest details revealed from the leak are accurate, then players can expect that the upcoming DLC for the game will larger than the add-on that was introduced in the previous game installment.

Aside from that, the upcoming DLC is expected to be beefier when it comes to content, which was promised by the game developer.

Destiny 2” is scheduled to release on September 6, 2017, on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The second first-person shooter title from Bungie will be available on PC starting October 24, 2017.