Persona 5 Dancing Star Night” was officially announced last week, and now fans are excited to groove to their favorite tunes. Just like with the fourth game’s dancing spin-off, it’s likely that this version will also include a fair share of remixed songs from its soundtrack. “Persona 5” has been praised for its snazzy music, so there’s no doubt that Atlus will be grabbing more than a handful of its songs. With that in mind, here are some songs we can’t wait to jam to in “Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.”

‘Rivers in the Desert’

This boss battle theme is the epitome of rising action as it starts off slow before picking up in the chorus.

The track has captured the hearts of many fans, and it’s even become something of a meme over the past few months. While the song doesn’t have the same instrumentals as other tracks like Blooming Villain or Keeper of Lust, it compensates with its amazing lyrics. The song doesn’t actually need a Remix per se, but we won’t be complaining if Atlus decided to make one!

‘Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There’

It’s almost impossible that Atlus doesn’t add the game’s main theme. This song itself personifies the entire game while offering some chill beats. Once it reaches the chorus, you’d probably already be out of your seat and dancing to the song yourself. As it stands, however, it could use a remix to fit with the overall mood of “Persona 5 Dancing Star Night.” Although, it already seems like Atlus has done it as the teaser’s theme seems to be molded around this track.

‘Last Surprise’

Possibly the fifth game’s most iconic track, “Last Surprise” will definitely get its own rendition in the game. From the intro alone, this battle theme gets its job done by gearing the player up to kick some shadow butt.While it doesn’t exactly need its own remix, we can still see Atlus pulling off another snazzier rendition of the song.

If I had to guess, we’d probably get to see Akira or Ann dancing to this.

‘Beneath the Mask’

“Persona 5” isn’t all about its upbeat tunes and flashy songs as “Beneath the Mask” is exactly what the player needs once they get back from raiding a palace. This smooth, calming song would make the perfect track for an abstract dance for someone like Makoto or Ann.

This is also another iconic vocal song in the game, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if Atlus decides to put this in the game. If they ever do make another rendition out of it, we hope that it contains the same chill vibes as its original counterpart.

‘The Whims of Fate’

Ending off our list, we have another great vocal track from Sae’s palace. “The Whims of Fate” really makes you feel like a thief as you run through the casino halls and corridors while fighting Shadows. If we get Sae as a DLC character, there’s no doubt she’d dance to her own track.