Aside from “Persona 5: Dancing Star Night,” the third game is also getting a musical spin-off. “Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night” will feature the third game’s cast getting their groove on and will possibly even see the revival of the dead protagonist. It’s unsure when this game took place, but there have been many memes claiming that Atlus has brought Makoto Yuki back to life after saving the world. Having said that, here are some songs we can’t wait to dance to in “Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night.”

‘Burn My Dread’

The game’s main theme, “Burn My Dread,” has become an iconic meme among “Persona” fans for its strange pronunciation.

For this reason, alone, there no doubt that Atlus will put this track in the game. The song is far from being bad, however, as it captures the theme of what the game was going for. It’s definitely a great song to groove to but could use a remix to fit in with the spin-off’s theme.

‘Mass Destruction’

This is the game’s main battle theme for the male-route and it really gets the job done. It’s a smooth rap song that really picks up during the chorus. You’ll really feel pumped when taking out Shadows if this is your battle theme. As it stands, it could use a remix, but it’d also be fine if Atlus includes the base version as is.

‘Want To Be Close’

This track plays during the daytime when you’re exploring Tatsumi Port Island.

It’s a great track that personally reminds me of a light stroll around a town, which is basically what it was going for. While the base version feels a little lackluster, there’s little doubt that this would fit in “Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night” with a bit of remixing.

‘Heartful Cry’

This certain tune is only available in the FES version of the game and plays during a critical moment in the story.

Unfortunately, FES didn’t have too many good tracks, so “Heartful Cry” really stands out from its measly competition. The song itself already has a solid beat to dance to, but we can still see Atlus tuning it up a bit. In line with this, we definitely see Aigis jamming out to this song.

‘Wiping All Out’

Ending off our list, we have a personal homage to “Persona 3 Portable.” There a large chance that Minako, the female protagonist, won’t appear in the game.

However, there’s always the chance that she’ll appear as a DLC character along with this track. Unlike “Mass Destruction,” Minako gets her own battle theme called “Wiping All Out.” It stands on par with its male counterpart and really brings out the female empowerment.