'Mobile Legends: Bang Bang' is getting pumped up. They have been releasing a new hero week after week. With Karrie and Harley recently added to the already numerous heroes in the game, they will be releasing another hero soon. Players have mixed emotions about the release as battle points are not easy to obtain. Diamond, on the other hand, can be obtained by real money through the process they call charging diamonds. Nonetheless, most players are thrilled to see the new addition to the Mobile Legends family.

Who is the new girl?

The new hero is a girl tagged as the 'Descendant of Forest'.

Another clue is that she has an animal mount. To spill the beans, her name is Mona and she rides a sabertooth tiger named Leo. Badass? Yes of course. While many players have seen a resemblance between Mona and the hero from 'DOTA 2' Mirana, it can only be mere coincidence. it all goes down to what Mona can do and what makes her different. Aside from the fact that they are both archers and have feline mounts, Mirana and Mona look different from each other.

What can she do?

Mona can be bought for 32000 battle points. Her price range is the highest in Mobile Legends along with other top heroes like Karina. However, that price is fairly reasonable. Why? because most people think that Mona will be the next OP hero.

She is a marksman, meaning she deals high damage. But dealing high damage is not the only reason why this hero looks so promising. So let's get down to the deal. What are her skills?

  • Her passive allows her to move while attacking and casting spells. Sick right? Aside from that, her attack releases 3 arrows. This means that she can attack while running and won't have to stand still while casting. This is just her passive skill, can you imagine what her main skills can do?
  • Her first skill is called Rotary wheel, which allows her to shoot a bolt at a designated location dealing 250 points of damage and reducing their physical defense by 15 for 3 seconds.
  • Her second skill Phantom Stride makes Leo roar. That roar deals 200 points of damage to surrounding enemies and lowers their speed for 2 seconds.
  • Her third skill which is her special skill is named Displacement. Mona makes Leo leap forward increasing critical damage by 20 percent. This lasts for 10 seconds. The basic attacks deal unknown damage points to surrounding enemies.

So after seeing what Mona is capable of, are you not excited for the next update? Save up your battle points and get ready for Mona!