Just like other video games with tie-ins to other products, Bungie and Activision have signed up with Rockstar Energy Drink. Both companies have officially joined hands to promote “Destiny 2." Initial details about their collaboration state that gamers can redeem printed codes on special cans, which can then be traded for unspecified in-game loot. Both companies have not yet revealed the official mechanics in terms of how to go about their promotion.

Rockstar & 'Destiny 2' promotion mechanics explained

It should be noted that both Rockstar and Bungie have not published the exact details about their collaboration.

However, fans of the sci-fi FPS have come up with their explanation of how the mechanics will work. The print on the energy drink cans promises that players will get one Legendary engram for each code. It was also noted that the developer plans to keep everything under control with a code-redemption limit of only three per account per week. Past promotions reportedly did not have a limit and were reportedly abused by gamers.

Limited run with great rewards

“Destiny 2” players can take advantage of the partnership until October 27th, 2017. Given its established limitations, dedicated gamers can collect a total of 24 legendary engrams within the time period. Based on the number of cans consumed, it was estimated to cost the user around $100 total.

Special limited-time legendary loot

It has also been speculated that the engrams collected from the promotional period might contain rare items. This is supported by the fact that the special marketing partnership ends after a specified date. Moreover, if the sequel’s drop rate for legendary engrams stays the same, it would make the Rockstar energy drink partnership somewhat useless.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that the items received from the engram codes might be unique. Meanwhile, another tie-in with Pop-Tart gives buyers XP boost codes, just like the “Taken King” collaboration with Red Bull.

Real world prizes for a lucky few

Other than the in-game rewards, “Destiny 2” players can also grab the Rockstar energy drink cans for physical prizes.

Lucky gamers can win a PlayStation 4 with a copy of the game, while the major prize is a brand new motorcycle with the sequel’s liveries. More information about the special tie-in might be revealed when it goes live on September 1, 2017. Engrams earned from the promotion can be redeemed until March next year.