Longtime “Overwatch” players have always feared team compositions that included the dreaded Roadhog. His Chain Hook and Scrap Gun combo destroy most “squishy” heroes with one well-placed headshot. His fearsome repertoire usually earned him a guaranteed pick during matches. His role was to devastate enemy heroes that were off-guard or were unprotected by structures or Reinhardt’s barrier shield. However, he was given some game-changing nerfs that greatly affected his overall pick rate in-game.

Roadhog no longer a threat in “Overwatch”

Instead of being a feared adversary during matches, most players no longer respect the character’s threat.

Most matches nowadays see many players breaking formation even with an enemy Roadhog present. While we do see him get picked during some matches, the frequency was not like before he was nerfed.

According to Overbuff, an “Overwatch” statistic-tracking website, places him just ahead of Bastion, which is the lowest-picked hero currently. They say that he currently has a 0.94 percent pick rate. It should also be worth nothing that teams using him have been garnering a win rate of just 43.62 percent.

Nerfs that killed his gameplay

Blizzard Entertainment should be aware that the game’s fans have already taken him for a spin. Former character specialists have even abandoned him due to his changes. The increased weapon fire rate does not seem to compensate for his reduced damage potential.

Fans understand that the developer constantly introduces balance changes. Still, the majority believe that his viability was drastically affected by their adjustments.

Some players also agree that his improved fire rate and additional ammo allows him to deal with barriers a little better. Yet, fans of the tank hero demand that the developer either brings back the old hog or make some changes.

Newly added hero Doomfist on the hand is considered to be a more effective pick since he was released.

Blizzard finally listens

A lot of people probably made the same complaint as the “Overwatch” developer finally gave in. Reliable sources have reported that Roadhog is due to receive a much-needed buff. In hopes of reestablishing his former glory, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed some new changes on the way.

These tweaks will make their way to the PTR soon. Mako Rutledge will get a 50 percent damage reduction during his “Take A Breather” skill activation. Furthermore, the hero will be able to move around during the aforementioned action.