Blizzard continues to support “Overwatch” with plenty of updates and patches that fix or add more to the game. Just recently, the PTR was recently updated with some new content including a Deathmatch arcade mode and a few buffs to certain characters. In line with this, the developers have released a new update for the live servers just recently. While it might not have added much, it made a few adjustments to a few details in “Overwatch.”

August 15 update

According to, a new “Overwatch” update has just arrived exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However this isn’t the update for the highly-awaited Deathmatch mode, but instead, fixes several bugs and adjusts the user interface. To begin with, Blizzard has added a “Show Network Stats” option which allows players to view some useful information within the game like Network Ping, Round Trip Time, and Interpolation Delay.

For bug fixes, Reinhardt’s Charge no longer pushes enemies through walls. Meanwhile, Sombra no longer reaches “unintended locations” on the Temple of Anubis map, while another bug preventing players from seeing Doomfist’s area-of-effect ultimate ability has been fixed. Finally, Blizzard has also patched an issue in Lucioball where the ball falls through the ground during a match.

Moreover, the bug that hindered grouped up players from playing competitive Lucioball has finally been fixed.

PTR Updates

While many players were hoping for the addition of the Deathmatch mode, Blizzard has yet to reveal when it will hit the live servers. However, seeing as how the Summer Games 2017 is still live, we might not see it until after the event is over.

For those unaware, the Deathmatch mode will allow players to compete against others without having to rely on their team. The Free-For-All mode pits 8 players in a map wherein the objective is to earn 20 kills the fastest. The Team Deathmatch, on the other hand, is a standard 6v6 match where the objective is to earn 30 kills the fastest.

The PTR update also includes a new map exclusively for the said mode. This new area includes several lore details for Widowmaker, so lore hunters should be on the lookout when it officially launches. A few other characters like Orisa, Junkrat, Roadhog, and Widowmaker have gotten some buffs which should make them a bit more viable in combat. Those who are looking to try the new features can download the PTR patch if they own the PC version of “Overwatch.”