The shiny variant of Pikachu made headlines recently though limited in Japan. Being a new variant, most augmented reality players were confident it would eventually be available globally. Apparently, they were right.

Pokemon Go’ players from other regions like Europe, North America, and Australia have reportedly caught the Shiny Pikachu according to Game Rant. If the trend continues, the new Pokemon collectible should pop up in other regions as well.

Shiny Raichu and Pichu included?

With Shiny Pikachu now out, players are now wondering if Shiny Raichu or Pichu will follow.

As far as Raichu is concerned, players can only get the pocket monster if they evolve their Pikachu. Seeing that this new Pokemon version is only available for a limited time, it remains to be seen if the evolution can be done later on.

On the other end, Pichu is less complicated. This critter can be hatched through eggs. To date, nothing has been made official with regards to its availability.

More people getting up and go

"Pokemon Go"’ players are likely to be more active once more as they try to add the new variant to their collection. The shiny variant is the latest to follow previous versions such as the Party-Hat and Santa-Hat Pikachu versions.

Niantic is likely to have its hands full once more with the new variant.

Magikarp offered the same before where over half a billion were caught. Pikachu is likely to surpass those numbers, seeing how popular this pocket monster is compared to the water-type critter. With a large influx of gamers, it will likewise be interesting if Niantic’s game servers can hold up.

Regardless, augmented reality players will need to be on their feet to make sure they get this rare Pikachu variant.

The immediate objective is to catch one, a new and prized addition to a player’s Pokedex.

The propagation of Pikachu is the latest update from Niantic. The gaming company has been busy the past couple of weeks, adding new features to keep mobile gamers hooked.

In a previous post, it was mentioned that Mewtwo had been unlocked.

The long-overdue rare Pokemon was recently unlocked at an event in Japan and will be a new feature for Exclusive Raid Battles.

Also available for a limited time, players would need to get an invite to get a chance at MewTwo. Aside from that prerequisite, there is the time allocation to try and capture the Pokemon Rare.

While catching MewTwo holds high odds, the Shiny Pikachu is likely better. The only similarities both have is the frequency of appearance. To raise chances, “Pokemon Go” players just have to get up and go.