'Pokemon GO' is a rage among fans and although the game does not command as much following as it did earlier, there is no denying that it is still quite popular the world over. Some of its charm lies in the innovative ways in which the developer, Niantic Labs, has been promoting and introducing new content. A few weeks ago, the company hosted a Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, where thousands of fans from across the globe turned up. Even though technical problems marred the event, Niantic showed just how committed it is to the franchise.

The developers not only hosted these events but revealed that through these, players could unlock legendary Pokémon for themselves and other players.

This is a great reward for dedicated Pokémon GO players as capturing these legendary creatures would make them much more powerful than they currently are. On Monday, August 14, Pokémon GO players defeated the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo at an event in Japan, which led Niantic to announce that it would add the same Pokémon into the game for players.

Mewtwo coming soon and how to capture it

Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the franchise and so Niantic made it quite clear that capturing it will be much harder compared to previous legendary creatures. The developer launched a specific mode for capturing Mewtwo - the Exclusive Raid Battles. These will be held from time to time in the Gym, much like the regular raid battles.

However, one can only compete in an exclusive raid battle through invitation. Niantic explained that the invitation will be received if the player recently won a regular raid battle in the same locale where the exclusive raid is scheduled to occur. The developers did not reveal how much time can pass between a normal raid battle and the exclusive one in order for a player to receive an invitation.

However, it shared that ample advance warning would be provided to players before the exclusive battle starts. This time can be used to co-ordinate the Pokémon and form a battle plan. Players can also contact other trainers for help during these raid battles. Mewtwo will appear in these exclusive raid battles in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for the elusive Pokémon.

Other legendary Pokémon

Niantic also revealed four of its other unlocked legendary creatures, namely Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Lugia. They would be available again for gamers worldwide to catch them. These four legendary Pokémon will be available from August 14 to August 31.