The asymmetrical horror title released a revamped Developer Diary that reveals a new feature coming to the game. It appears that “Friday the 13th: The Game” will make playing more exciting with the addition of Weather Effects, which includes a Rain feature. Counselors will have a hard time running away from Jason with a slippery ground scattered puddles.

Revamped Dev Diary

Gun Media and Illfonic appears to be busy overhauling things related to “Friday the 13th: The Game.” Following the newly reworked website, the game developer released a revamped Developer Diary.

The announcement was made on the game’s official Twitter account and was uploaded on its YouTube channel.

The new Developer Diary highlights the journey of the game developer Illfonic. It features Illfonic’s CEO Chuck Brungardt recounting the history of the studio with their past and current projects. David Langeliers, the studio’s creative manager also reveals that they are currently working on a new game mode that will be released soon. So far, no details about the game mode are revealed.

Weather Effects

The announcement on Twitter about the new Dev Diary was well received by fans. Interestingly, a user named Justin noticed that Rain is going to be added in the game. The user has picked up a computer shot showing an overview of one of the maps found under World Settings.

The shot has some options on changing the map. There are also several features of the map that can be seen.

Among this includes spawn locations for Critical items. Win Conditions like escaping through the police can also be found. However, it is the section titled Rain that caught the user’s interest. The small section on the side can be easily missed.

It appears that the section is intended to feature weather conditions in the game with other subsections.

Since the official release of the game, players have suggested adding the rain. According to fans, the rain has played a significant part in the movies and adding it to the asymmetrical horror would give it even more realistic feel.

Adding rain in the game would also create diversity and would prevent the players from getting bored. Aside from that, players have also suggested that changes associated with the Rain must also be included in the game. It could include decreased visibility or a weaker grip for Jason Vorhees.

The rain feature or weather effects are not yet officially confirmed to be added in the asymmetrical horror title. Meanwhile, players are waiting for the title's upcoming DLC. The expansion is expected to bring new Jason, more maps, and new emotes among others. However, Gun Media and Illfonic have not yet provided any definite release date as to the release of the DLC on “Friday the 13th: The Game.”