“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” can be a very difficult game if you don’t know the full mechanics and how things work. Sure, you might have won a few games, but there’s still a long way to go if you want to be a survival expert. Chances are, you’ve already gotten the basic tips down already and you’re looking for a better guide to help you survive the war-torn battlefield. If you’re serious about winning, then it’s best to learn everything you can about this game. With that being said, here are some advanced “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” tips to help you win more games.

Make a mental note of areas with good gear

When you first drop off a plane, you’ll want to spawn near an area where you can pick up some good loot to defend yourself with. As you progress, you’ll stumble across more areas, each with their own valuable weapons, armor, and items for the taking. While each map is different, it’s best to make a mental note of where the good loot spawns from as it will help you in future games. That way, you’ll know where exactly to land during the first parts of the match. You can open your map and look for nearby landmarks to help you keep track of where everything is.

Turn down the foliage settings

While we want games looking as realistic as possible, this is something you don’t want in “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.” Truth be told, this is a pretty gorgeous game, but you’ll want to turn down the foliage setting if you want to get more kills.

The fields are spread with lush greenery that players can use to hide in. If you have that off, it’ll make it easier for you to spot players who are trying to hide behind trees, bushes, and grass. While the game might not look as pretty, the trade-off means getting more kills and staying alive. This’ll definitely be a great surprise to those who think they’re perfectly hidden in a grassy field.

Use the red zones

Seeing a big red dot may seem like the perfect way to get yourself killed as the game will prompt for random explosions around the field. However, these death areas are actually great hiding spots if you choose to take cover in a nearby building. If you’re being hunted down by a deadly enemy, run into a Red Zone and seek shelter ASAP.

That way, your foe won’t be tempted to follow after you as you stay hidden behind walls and explosives. Use the environment as an advantage to help you shake off foes and grab some valuable loot while you’re hiding. You never know what may be waiting in buildings inside the red zone, after all.