Overwatch” has been pretty diverse with the world and its character since it released a year back. Since it launched, we’ve seen plenty of unique characters that each have their own respective histories and backgrounds. Similarly enough, each map in the game also has its own background and personal lore which has a counterpart in our current world. Since the game is based in the future, the depictions of each stage don’t exactly match their real-life inspiration. Nonetheless, each stage is molded and crafted with creativity and hope behind their designs.

In line with this, let’s take a look at some of the best “Overwatch” Maps.


This control map was released earlier this year and is based on Iraq. Unlike the war torn version we have today, “Overwatch” looks towards a brighter future for the country and builds it with the latest technology and machinery. In fact, the city is so developed that it’s been labeled as one of the most advanced cities in the game’s universe. It’s also the only map based on a Middle-Eastern setting with no hero representing the area yet. In “Overwatch,” the entire map is composed of three areas, (City Center, Gardens, and the University) each with their own control point.


Moving on, this Assault map is based in Japan and has very close lore ties with the heroes Genji and Hanzo.

Hanamura is a quaint little town filled with a few shop, a large arcade, and home to the beautiful Shimada mansion. This map was the main setting in the “Dragons” CGI and featured both Shimada brothers dueling with Genji trying to persuade his brother to join his side in the inevitable fight between good vs evil. In “Overwatch,” Hanamura is split into two points with the first objective being an open shrine with a large bell.

If the attacking team manages to capture it, the second point will open, leading back to the Shimada manner.


From the name itself, this Hybrid map is based in the USA and contains both control and escort features. Unlike the other two, Hollywood doesn’t have anything strictly tied to the lore, but it does have its fair share of easter eggs hidden within movie posters and like like.

Game-wise, the attacking team must first capture the point containing the payload – a limousine with a famous omnic director inside. Once captured, the team will have to escort the payload over to the set at the end of the stage. Overall, the Hollywood map is a cool nod towards the famous location in the USA.