While ‘Overwatch’ is a first-person shooter, the game actually has a deep lore behind it. Blizzard tries their best to release plot details through new cinematics, comics, maps, characters and other little Easter Eggs that are hidden within the game. In spite of this, there’s still plenty of information we still don’t know about the lore. To compensate for the lack of information, players try to craft their own theories to explain some of the strange phenomena in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the craziest fans theories about “Overwatch” which actually make sense.

Reaper’s guns are a part of his body

Out of all the other “Overwatch” characters, Reaper is the only hero who doesn’t “reload” his weapon. Instead of inserting another clip, he merely tosses his guns and grabs another pair of shotguns from his jacket. There is no definite amount to how many times he can pull out of his coat which led fans to make parodies of how he carries so many firearms. However, YouTuber Graenolf made a plausible theory explaining that his original shotguns actually merged with his skin. Because of this, the guns he pulls out are actually an extension of his body which essentially makes them a biological part of him.

Omnics have their own language

“Overwatch” hero Bastion is one of the strangest characters in the game as he doesn’t actually speak, but instead communicates through a series of boops and beeps.

While this might just seem like an adorable character train, YouTuber TGN Overwatch claims that there might be something more behind these random sounds. To support this, there are various symbols scattered throughout the gameplay maps and Redditors are trying to decipher this possible hidden language. It turns out that these symbols might actually be some form of emojis for the omnic race as evident by one of Bastion’s highlight intros called Ganymede.

Mercy’s questionable methods

As a Support hero, Mercy’s main mission is “Overwatch” is to save the life of her allies by healing and even resurrecting them. However, in the lore, her medical practices seem to be a bit shadier than simply reviving a dead person by raising her hand like in the game. One theory from FantastialGamer states that Mercy might have had a hand in “creating” Reaper aka Gabriel Reyes.

Judging by their voice lines, he seems to blame the medic for placing him in his ghastly state. While Mercy’s methods might be questionable, she seems to have her heart in the right place as she did manage to save Genji from death.