"Destiny 2" will mark Bungie’s glorious return to the PC platform after nearly 13 years of console-only releases. In light of this, one of the issues the developer has to tackle is how to keep cheaters and hackers from affecting the core experience of the game. Given that "Destiny 2" will be an online-only, first-person shooter with a heavy focus on loot, the game is a prime target for people who use cheats in order to get a leg up on other players. While the game will be operating under Blizzard’s app, Bungie would like to take even more precautions, even if it means compromising some of the already established third party applications.

Tightening security

Bungie says that there are several safeguard and security measures in place, but the most obvious side effect is that some programs will be registered as a false positive, thereby not making some applications work while "Destiny 2" is being launched. The main issue comes from that if any application on PC that attempts to insert code into the game client, "Destiny 2" will block such attempts, thus causing the incompatibility.

Bungie has chosen a lack of some compatibility in exchange for a more secure and cheat-free experience in "Destiny 2", a very admirable decision that the developers are sticking to their guns in order to provide the best experience of gameplay possible.

Personally, as someone who has played hundreds of hours in their first game, I can somewhat rally behind this concept, since the game already features built in voice chat, therefore being able to forgo voice chat apps such as TeamSpeak or Discord.

The workaround

But one of the biggest incompatibilities comes for those who stream on PC using Game Capture on OBS or XSplit.

Unless you play the game in Windowed or Borderless Fullscreen mode, these capture tools will be incompatible with the game. Another workaround is to invest in capture cards such as an Elgato or AVerMedia card.

In addition to the aforementioned incompatible capturing applications, EVGA Precision XOC, MSI Afterburner, Fraps and other software that would introduce an overlay to the game that would provide you statistics such as an FPS counter or stats to track your hardware will not be compatible with "Destiny 2" either.

Test for yourself in the upcoming beta

While these restrictions may require some extra work on the part of some streamers and content creators who don’t have a full, 2-PC setup or dedicated external capturing system, the changes should make "Destiny 2" a more stable and fair game. The PC beta for "Destiny 2" will include these restrictions, so that should give those who are curious a good chance to test their setup before the full game launches.

"Destiny 2" releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.