There are a good number of DPS characters in “Overwatch.” However, it cannot be denied that the most popular one is Pharah. She is just the kind of hero that has the range and firepower to help a team.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use her in “Overwatch.” Or even if they do, they still end up getting killed most of the time. Well, to help you improve your Pharah gameplay, try using the tips below. Check them out!

Aim for the supports first

This should be Pharah’s first responsibility. She has the range to do so, thus she does not need to worry about getting hit.

More importantly, she has the firepower to eliminate the likes of Mercy and Ana using two rockets. If successful, she can definitely help the team advance or defend a point.

So, instead of wasting rockets on Reinhardt’s shield, for example, launch them on the opponent’s high-valued characters. Remember that in “Overwatch,” the chances of winning is high when the enemy team’s utility characters are out of the picture.

Use that Concussive Blast wisely

Some players totally misunderstand the way her Concussive Blast works. Others use it for the sake of just pushing away enemies. But actually, it offers more benefits than what they really think. For instance, Pharah can use it to pull or push the enemies into a certain ultimate.

It can be Zarya’s Graviton Surge, so they can get caught up. She can also use it to pull the enemies straight to Hanzo’s Dragonstrike.

You see, the possibilities here are endless. “Overwatch” players just need to be creative with the way they use the skill. But of course, they can also use it to push enemies out of the map.

Still, this strategy is only effective in maps with structure like the LiJiang Tower.

Synchronize her ultimate with other heroes’ ultimate

The coolest thing about Pharah’s Rocket Barrage is it is an AoE type. Meaning to say, it can provide massive damage on a certain area, not just a single target. But to make it really effective in “Overwatch,” it is best to use it alongside other characters’ ultimates.

This is where synchronization kicks in. The idea is to make a powerful combination of ultimates that could guarantee a wipeout.

For instance, Zarya can throw her Graviton Surge on the enemies. Once they are caught, Pharah can unleash her array of rockets to finish the job. But then again, this is where players should run their patience. They need to hold their ultimate and make sure that they only use it for the right time. Otherwise, they will only be wasting it.