The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature more details for campaign story mode and an updated Companion App for the sequel.

More Campaign details

According to the latest issue of Edge Magazine, players will journey to the "European Dead Zone" after they finished fighting Ghaul and his army in the "Homecoming" mission in "Destiny 2." Players will notice that their character will not have weapons or their Guardian abilities, as they explore the whole area.

The story will eventually lead to the sequel's social space called "The Farm" and the player will meet Suraya Hawthorne, who has information on a piece of the Traveler's shard in the Dead Zone.

The player's Guardian will regain their abilities back after they obtained the shard and kill every enemy unit present in the area.

The player's next mission will look for the Vanguard members Zavala, Cayde 6, and Ikora throughout the solar system, as they meet old and new faces along the way. These new characters can be seen again in the Farm once the player befriended them and will likely provide new missions, side missions, items, and weapons.

Community manager David Dague teased more activities for players to do after they have finished the campaign story mode and use it as the basis for their expansion plans for the sequel.

Companion app confirmed

Bungie announced an updated version of "Destiny" app for the sequel and it will have new and returning features during their weekly blogs.

First new feature is called "Explore" which looks to combine news and updates about "Destiny 2" from community creations to forums. The second feature is called "Clan" and will allow players to manage their own clans, track rewards shared by the group, and use a new chat system to communicate with their members.

The updated game app will also contain returning features such as "Gear Manager" to view and equip armor and weapons, "Recruit" to find new players, as well as the "Profile" and "Support" sections.

The game publisher will update the game's companion app on Aug. 23 in the Apple and Android stores, and on the This update will replace the previous app and will no longer work on the first game.

However, the developers are still keeping the API for the first game but must rely on other third-party apps to replace any functionality from the original.

The game's application has been the main source of information and function for the entire game in three years from activities and vendor information to Grimoire, gear management, and LFG forums.

Bungie looks to continue the trend with new features for the game when it launches next month and more details will be revealed at PAX West event.

"Destiny 2" will launch on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One, October 24 for the PC.