A new set of images supposedly featuring the latest skins for the Summer Games 2017 has been leaked online. The highly anticipated summer event in “Overwatch” will technically launch a few hours from now. However, for those who would like to see what is going to be released in the game ahead of its launch, this is allegedly what the skins will look like.

Latest leak

On Imgur, several images taken as screenshots from the latest trailer of “Overwatch” were uploaded. The skins have a beach theme, as previously reported by Blasting News. One image shows Sombra holding her new gun. The heroine is wearing a green costume with green goggles and a watch, among other things.

Widowmaker is looking hot in a bikini with her tattoos revealed. She is shown sitting on what looks like a beach or poolside with beach umbrellas in the background. Widowmaker is also sporting vintage sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Soldier 76 is a grill master with his shades on. He is wearing a beach-themed polo shirt with his weapon at his side and a butcher’s knife in the front part of his attire. It is awkward seeing him wearing sandals with socks. McCree is cool and appears to be a lifeguard with a beach hat on his head. He is sporting what appears to be an ID with an unbuttoned beach polo.

Earlier today, another leaked image surfaced online. This one claims to be the skin for Mercy. In the image, she is clothed in what appears to be the costume of a goddess.

The image first appeared on Chinese social networking site Weibo, which also contains the announcement of Doomfist's arrival in the game. Other fans claim that it is Nike, the goddess of victory.

Other details

Aside from the new skins, the leaked image of the Summer Games 2017 reveals several Highlight Intro Stills.

There are also new Olympic-themed poses. The much-awaited summer event will go live today at 8 PM Eastern Time or 6 PM British Standard Time.


Although there are no new leaks for Lucioball yet, the event-exclusive brawl is expected to arrive alongside the Summer Games today. Blizzard has made several changes to the arcade brawl including a new Sydney Map that shows the Sydney Opera House in the background.

Players will also earn credits (CP) by participating in the brawl. These credits can be used to purchase the Golden Guns in the game. Usually, CP can only be earned through the Competitive mode of the game.

The “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 will launch today. It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.