Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment America recently revealed that the upcoming sequel “Ni No Kuni II” will be getting Special Editions. North America and Europe will each have their own versions of the special editions.

Day One Edition for the US

For the Day One Edition of the upcoming JRPG, interested buyers can get the game software for $59.99. They will also get a special sword set DLC that has several different swords that they can equip.

Premium Edition US version

The North American version of the video game in its Premium Edition can be purchased for $79.99.

Buyers can get the Day One Edition content, which includes a special sword set DLC and the game disc. They will also get an exclusive SteelBook Case for the disc, a 3D Papercraft Kit that showcases the kingdom and the main protagonist, another DLC sword called the Dragon’s Tooth (which will be exclusive to this edition), and the Music Collection CD.

US version Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition of the game for the US has a lot of content as well and can be purchased for $199.99. Interested buyers will have to pre-order this special edition soon since it will have a limited supply of only 25,000 copies.

The Collector’s Edition of “Ni No Kuni II” US version will have all of the Premium Edition content like the game disc, SteelBook Case, and the rest.

In addition to that are other impressive items like the Visual Arts Book of the video game, a chibi mechanical rotating diorama featuring the characters of the game, an awesome plush, the making of the video game blu-ray disc, a display case for the 3D papercraft, and the Season Pass.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Bandai Namco Entertainment America also revealed that the video game will also have its Digital Deluxe Edition for the PlayStation 4.

It will include content like the Cat King’s Claw sword, an awesome dynamic theme for the PS4, pre-order bonuses like the sword DLCs, and the Season Pass.

Season Pass price and content

The Season Pass of “Ni No Kuni II” can be purchased separately from the game for only $19.99 for the PS4 and PC. The game publishers revealed that it will unlock two DLCs that will have a lot of content, but they did not disclose the full details.

It will also unlock the Supply Kit that will include some items that can help the protagonist’s party on their journey.

European versions of the special editions revealed

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe also revealed Europe’s special editions of “Ni No Kuni II.” The standard edition will be released for the PS4 and the PC, but the latter will only be in digital form.

The Prince’s Edition will be Europe’s Premium Edition, which will have the game disc, the SteelBook case for the disc, and the making of Blu-Ray disc. The digital version will only have the digital version of the game and the Season Pass.

The King’s Edition will have different types of content compared to the Collector’s Edition of the US.

It will have the game disc, and SteelBook case, the Blu-Ray disc featuring the making of, the 148-page artbook, Season Pass, an awesome vinyl record that contains the soundtrack, and a cool diorama figure called the Evolution of a King. This will all be wrapped up in a cool collector’s box.

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