With just a few more days left and the current “Overwatch” competitive season will be coming to a close. Season 5 was definitely one of the more active seasons over the last year as it introduced the fast-paced dive meta. Moreover, we’ve also finally gotten the new hero, Doomfist, who is extremely powerful and can one-shot squishy opponents. However, the current season also brought a lot of toxicity and trolls in the game which made the experience much more infuriating. In line with this, game developer Jeff Kaplan has shared the changes they’re planning for the next competitive season.

Duration and CP

The official “Overwatch” YouTube channel recently posted a new developer update with the focus on being the new changes Blizzard has in store for Season 6. Firstly, this upcoming season will only take place for two months rather than the previous three. Kaplan mentioned how player engagement tends to dwindle towards the final months, which usually leads to the occasional trolling and what not. By reducing the number of months, this should make the mode much more consequential and fun.

Similarly, they’re also making some changes to the CP (competitive points) season as players will earn fewer points after every end of the season. In exchange for that, however, you’ll earn more points per win to balance it out.

That way, you can still get that golden gun you’ve always wanted.

Skill Rating

That aside, Blizzard has also been looking into the issues when it comes to SR (Skill Rantings). Firstly, they’re been a bit more lenient with the decay for Diamond-ranked players as they will only need to play five games a week instead of the original seven.

Moreover, the decay from 50 SR is now only 25, so it should be easier to maintain your rank. Kaplan mentioned something about other feature’s they’re working on regarding SR, but he claimed that they’re still looking into it.

Other changes

Finally, the game director also stated that Control maps will now be best of three instead of five as to avoid dragging the game too long.

High tier matches, on the other hand, will be better balanced although at the exchange of longer wait times during queues. Aside from the technical issues, we’ll also be getting a new map called Junkertown which is expected to roll out soon. Season 5 is expected to last until next week, so chase after your rank while you still have the chance. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can grab a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.