Overwatch” is quite popular for its amazing cinematics apart from its addicting gameplay Despite being a first-person shooter, the game actually has a deep lore behind it. The last animated short we’d gotten was “Infiltration” which launched back in BlizzCon 2016. However, Blizzard has just released the latest cinematic at Gamescom 2017 which sheds the spotlight on climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou.

A sad beginning

“Overwatch” has been dropping hints about Mei’s past through her various journal entries, voice lines, interactions, and even the Ecopoint: Antarctica map released last year.

We learned more about how she survived in her pod despite her other team dying due to the malfunction. Upon awakening after nine years, she discovers that the Overwatch team had already disbanded with people labeling them as criminals. With no one left to turn to, the climatologist decides to take matters into her own hands by trying to repair the broken tower and escape.

There are plenty of melodramatic scenes and we’re pretty much just treated to information we mostly knew about it. It was pretty special to see Mei at work as she built her Endothermic Blaster, seeing as how she can make her own equipment. There were scenes about Snowball too, which shows us that Mei’s little robot companion was the one who fully supported her when she had nowhere else to go.

Overall, it’s another classic piece that’s added to the ever expanding lore of “Overwatch.”

Competitive Season

That aside, competitive Season 5 is coming to a close early next week and the next season is right around the corner. Blizzard has made some pretty radical changes to Season 6 which involve its time period, CP, and Skill Decay.

Firstly, the competitive mode will only last for two months instead of the average three. This is to keep players engaged as Blizzard has noticed that the seasons tend to drag out a bit too long. In line with this, you should still be getting roughly the same amount of CP (competitive points), although you won’t get as much after the season based on your rank.

To compensate, you’ll get more points if you win matches.

Moreover, skill decay has been modified wherein those in Diamond and above will only have to play five matches instead of seven. Moreover, even if they do decay, they’ll only lose 25 SR instead of the typical 50. That way, they can still find a way to prevent smurfs while easing up penalties against players/ “Overwatch” competitive Season 6 should start a week or so after the current season.