Overwatch” is getting a ton of new updates in the following weeks after Blizzard recently announced the Deathmatch mode. Similarly, they’re also releasing a new stage called Château Gaillard which was specifically made for that arcade mode. In line with this, Blizzard has also revealed a brand new Map for quick play and competitive modes called Junkertown. They’ve made the official announcement at Gamescom 2017 but was actually data mined a few days prior.

Welcome to Junkertown

Since the game’s release, we’ve yet to actually get a new payload map.

Luckily, Blizzard has made Junkertown an escort stage wherein players will have to move the payload up to the queen’s room. They’ve released an overview trailer for the upcoming “Overwatch” stage which shows off the ruined Australia Outback. For those unaware, this part of the country was ravaged following the omnic war wherein the humans fought back for their rights. However, a dangerous explosion occurred during the struggle which transformed the area into a desolate wasteland.

Moreover, most of the people also lost their sanity due to the effects of the explosion, which led them to become thieves, criminals, and even serial killers. The new map shows off these aspects really well and even gives us some insight into Junkrat and Roadhog’s home.

In the short trailer, we get a glimpse of Junkrat’s studio, some broken omnic parts, and a mysterious room filled with treasure.

New animated short

In line with this, Blizzard has also released a new Animated Short for the upcoming map which features Junkrat and Roadhog. The dynamic duo was evidently kicked out of Junkertown after getting involved in some shady business and trying to mess with the queen.

Because of this, the two hatched up a plan to find a way back in. Their solution involved a worldwide heist which was explained back during their origins video which is a cool nod to the lore.

Once they arrived back at the Junkertown gate, the two squabbled over their half-baked plans before eventually coming to an agreement.

Needless to say, their plan didn’t work and they were left stranded outside the town with a payload filled with explosives and treasure. We now have a bigger clue on what these two are actually up to in the lore, but it still doesn’t tie in with the current events in the game. While Talon is on the move to create another war, Junkrat and Roadhog seem to be preoccupied in dealing with the Junkertown queen who may have her own role to play in the future.