"BioShock" just turned 10-years-old. The game was launched for Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 video game platforms in August 2007. PlayStation 3 port by Irrational, 2K Marin, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes were launched in October 2008, and an OS X port by Feral Interactive in October 2009. Since then, "BioShock" has been widely regarded as one of the best video games of all time. With its distinctive qualities and its political dimension, "BioShock" became an instant hit amongst FPS video game fans.

To help kick off the game's birthday, 2K Games announced the release of the BioShock 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

Fans living in the United States can pick up this collectible piece starting November 14, 2017.

The goodies

The "BioShock" 10th Anniversary pack will include a physical copy of the "BioShock: The Collection" (a two-disc package that features "BioShock," "BioShock 2" and "BioShock Infinite," an 11-inch statuette of Big Daddy and Little Sister and a numbered certificate of authenticity for video game fans and die hard collectors. The "BioShock" 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is considered to be an extremely limited edition piece considering the fact that it will only be released in the United States via GameStop and 2K stores.

Devoted fans will be delighted to know that the featured model is a light illuminating, sound emitting, motorized piece of atompunk retrofuturistic art.

Like all limited edition collectible merchandise, the "BioShock" 10th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is expected to sell out fast. Video game collectors and "BioShock" fans will have to bite the bullet and break their savings to get this coveted item. They can pre-order the package now for $199.99.

Bare Necessities

Players who opt to immerse in the "BioShock" experience without the figurine can get the stand-alone "BioShock: The Collection." Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart sell it for 24.99 to $29.99.

Digital copies of the game can be purchased through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Store for $29.99 and for $19.79 on Steam.

The "BioShock" games are deeply rooted in the ideas of objectivism and are influenced by the literary works of George Orwell. A critically acclaimed video game, it is known for its morality-based storyline and unique setting. "BioShock" continues to garner positive feedback from different gaming and media outlets.