Blizzard released a small but very useful patch for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 15. “OverwatchUpdate 2.17 was rolled out to bring changes on the game’s User Interface. The patch also released fixes to the event-exclusive brawl Lucioball. Several heroes received fixes as well with the game’s latest update.

User Interface changes

The recently released “Overwatch” Update 2.17 aims to fix and bring changes to several issues in the game. The major inclusion in this update is the set of changes it brings to the User Interface. Players now have the ability to view their Network Status while playing.

This means that Network Interpolation Delay, Network Ping, and Network Round Up Time are now visible to players in real-time.

Heroes fixes

Aside from the changes to the User Interface, the most recent update rolled out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also made fixes to some of the game’s heroes. Among this includes Reinhardt. The previous issue that could potentially trigger the hero’s Charge to push characters through walls is now fixed. Sombra has also received a fix. The previous bug that enabled her to reach locations in Anubis unintentionally is now resolved. Moreover, the rocket-punching hero also received a fix with Update 2.17. The patch fixed the bug that restricts the area-of-effect circle of Doomfist’s Meteor Strike from being visible to all players.

Lucioball fix

There are also several fixes that were released for the event-exclusive brawl, Lucioball. Since the Summer Games 2017 launched the game, there were many issues that players reported relating to the arcade brawl. During the match, several players complained that the ball kept on falling to the ground. Blizzard has already released a fix for this issue in the latest update.

It also rolled out the fix for a bug that disallowed players from grouping up in the Copa Lucioball or the competitive. This was one of the first concerns that were raised by the players who wanted to play in the Competitive but were not able to do so.

Expected features and changes

Fans were anticipating that the changes for Roadhog, Junkrat, Orisa, and Widowmaker would roll out with this update.

Unfortunately, these are still in the game’s Public Test Realm and will likely be available in a few more weeks. The same goes with the new Deathmatch mode that was previously announced by game director Jeff Kaplan.

While the latest update brings helpful fixes, several fans are still disappointed that it does not include the much-needed reporting and penalty system feature for the console. Blizzard assured fans in the previous months that the console version of the game will also receive the feature when it was released on PC. Console players have long been waiting for this feature given the level of toxicity they experience in the game right now.

The competitive scene of “Overwatch” has become very toxic and most players blame it on the lack of the much-needed feature that would penalize the trolls and toxic players. Hopefully, the game developer will do something about this and will release the feature very soon.