Gamestop is giving away a battle-ready Salazzle to “Pokémon Sun and Moon” players, and it’s officially on. As only female Salandits evolve into Salazzles and they are rarer than their male counterparts, catching Salazzle is by no means a piece of cake. Thus players, who have not been lucky enough to get their hands on Salazzle, GameStop has got them covered. All they have to do is drop by a GameStop store for a free download code that will give them a battle-ready Salazzle.

Using Corrosion and other abilities strategically

This free giveaway was announced around two weeks ago.

This critter comes at Level 50 and has some pretty amazing move sets, such as flamethrower, sludge bomb, toxic and fake out. Its unique ability is, however, Corrosion, which allows it to poison even those Pokémon that can’t be poisoned, like the Steel-type ones. As is evident, Salazzle is a unique addition to any trainer’s line-up as it can be used strategically. Moreover, it is a powerhouse on its own terms. Trainers have till Sept. 4 to grab their free download code from a GameStop store.

Focus Sash, survivability and getting free gift

The Level 50 Salazzle comes with a one-use item Focus Sash that allows Poison and Fire-type critters endure an attack that normally results in a knockout. Focus Sash helps in the feeble Pokémon’s survivability, reports GameSpot.

Once a trainer has received the code from the store, he can add the battle-ready creature by selecting Mystery Gift from the game’s menu and then choose to receive the free gift through a password. Once the code is inserted, the trainer can collect Salazzle from the delivery man inside Pokémon Centers.

Lycanroc is almost here in “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon”

Apart from this, Nintendo is also giving away a batch of free Mega Stones through Mystery Gift. The stones are used to Mega Evolve Diancie, Lopunny, Gallade and Gardevoir. Nintendo has not provided any date when it will cease the distribution of the Mega Stones though players must hurry up and complete their collection as it can end soon.

In other news, Lycanroc is almost here and “Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon” players will get this brand new type of wolf Pokémon in the next 3DS installment.

The game is releasing on Nov. 17 and will be set in the tropical Alola region. Lycanroc is a mysterious one and cannot be caught in the wild. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates on “Pokémon” games.