niantic labs recently announced two official US “Pokemon Go” events happening in September and October of this year. The events will be held in San Jose, California and the other one will take place in Philadelphia.

New events

After the successful Pikachu Outbreak Festival and the Stadium event in Japan, the game developer has prepared more activities for fans residing in the US. Niantic Labs recently announced two upcoming events that fans will surely enjoy. Legendary Birds Lugia, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are set to leave the game on August 31.

The upcoming events will keep the players engaged in the popular augmented reality game. Both of these events are on the official events page of “Pokemon Go.”

Viva Calle San Jose and Philly Free Streets

Viva Calle San Jose is the event in San Jose. It is scheduled to take place on September 17. The site encourages the community to bond with other community members, to visit interesting PokeStops. On the other hand, the event in Philadelphia is titled, Philly Free Streets and will start on October 28. The activity is a product of collaboration between Knight Foundation and Niantic Labs.

Other event details

So far, there are no other details about the activities scheduled during the events. However, based on the previous events, most likely it will be the usual event package that the game developer features.

Among this includes extra PokeStops and a dedicated route where players can walk. Players can also expect that there will be increased spawning of some pocket monsters that will be made available during the event.

Security Update

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs recently released a security update to the game. The security measure targets third party apps that utilize the unofficial API of the augmented reality game.

The update does not target the GPS Spoofers. Instead, it is after the accounts that use IV Checkers, Online Trackers, and bots. The latest measure rolled out in the game does not disable the API but aggressively flags the account. This results in a large number of Shadow bans, warnings, and flagged IPs. So far the third-party development community is working together to find a solution for the latest update.

It appears that this time, Niantic Labs released a more efficient update since as of this writing; the said community has not yet found a solution.

Fans are currently waiting for the Legendary pocket monster Mewtwo to be released in the Exclusive raids of “Pokemon Go.”