Niantic's widely played AR title - "Pokemon GO" recently kicked off a week-long event in Yokohama, Japan dubbed the Pikachu Outbreak. Amidst the plethora of Pikachus and Unowns spawning like crazy on two of the event's locations in that part of the Orient, some players experienced a rather creepy yet Cool glitch with one of the monsters.

Weird glitch

A Redditor (rickd303) recently took it to "Pokemon GO's" subreddit to make this glitch known. The dark/fire Pokemon Houndoom that he recently caught exhibited an unusual feature as the horned K-9 boasts two heads.

The bug is said to have occurred to other trainers and some even suggest that Niantic should make it permanent.

Players claim that the double headed Houndoom glitch can be made by turning the critter into a buddy and navigating it towards the buddy feature's model. The player base of the game is very well-acquainted with glitches such as this and it is not the first time that this happened. It can be remembered that the horned bug known as Weedle had a similar glitch in the past where it somehow copied the face of the trainer that caught it.

Gen 3 Pokemon

Meanwhile, generation 2 Pokemon have been around in the game for quite some time now and "Pokemon GO" faithfuls have been musing as to when the generation 3 lineup will be introduced into the game. Fans might remember that gen 2 monsters officially went live seven months after the game was released. 'Therefore, most of the fans assume that the third generation creatures might arrive this September.

However, some trainers and game critics stated that such is still unlikely at the moment with all that has been happening within the game. Now that the gym overhaul and Legendaries have been shelled out, it may well seem that the game maker is zeroing in on a player versus player (PvP) game mode for the app as this was hinted by Niantic's Mathieu de Fayet.

That being said, it is believed that gen 3 monsters could be released in early 2018.

The Pikachu Outbreak, on the other hand, has been spawning the yellow monster left and right. To hype up the event, Niantic also dished out a shiny version of the critter which is quite difficult to come by. Famed "Pokemon GO" player and YouTuber MYSTIC7 flew in to participate in the event hoping to catch the elusive shiny. Unfortunately, after four hours of battling gym bosses and catching Unowns and common Pikachus, he failed to catch a shiny according to his most recent vlog. Check out the video here: