Several players recently noticed a big Glitch circulating in Capture the Flag of “Overwatch.” It appears that the exploit is only found in the specific game mode that has been frustrating many players so far.

Latest glitch

On Reddit, a user by the name JukeSweg shared the latest glitch that he has discovered in the Change the Flag mode of Blizzard’s first person shooter game. According to the Redditor, he found that the mode is spawning the same hero that all of the participating players have chosen. To illustrate further, JukeSweg cited an instance when the along with players ranging between 1 and 5 get on the map at the same instance and pick the same hero, all of them spawn Tracer.

The Redditor further revealed that this happened on the console version of the game in the Change the Flag mode.


The Change the Flag (CTF) mode in “Overwatch,” follows the one-per-hero rule. It is one of the popular arcade modes in the first person shooter game despite its tendency to stall at times. Moreover, Blizzard has taken extra care to enhance and fine tune this arcade mode. In the claim of JukeSweg, which was supported by several witnesses, it appears that none of the members who have experienced it are on the PlayStation version of the game. The basic system of this mode is that there are heroes that are distinctly better compared to others.

Interestingly, having particular heroes in numbers magnifies the heroes’ strengths.

A couple of Winston for instance, with synced cooldowns, simultaneously releasing shields, is a lot tougher to deal with. Similarly, six Symmetra can fire substantial laser turrets surrounding the flag to prevent enemies from touching it. The latest glitch disrupts the unwarranted balance of Change The Flag. In addition, it makes playing fairly tougher without using the glitch given that your opponent utilizing the glitch too.

Other details

So far, Blizzard has not yet revealed yet the potential release date for the fix on this glitch. Truth is, as of press time the game developer has not yet made any response to the pressing issues concerning the catch The Flag arcade mode. Despite the present situation, an infrastructural update is going to be released in the console version of the game.

It includes the reporting and penalty system for toxic players. Fans are looking forward that the same update will contain the fix to the CTF glitch.

Meanwhile, patch 1.14 is currently on the “Overwatch” public test realm. The upcoming update is expected to roll out changes to Junkrat’s Ultimate and some of Roadhog’s healing abilities.