Before Doomfist arrived in “Overwatch,” it was Orisa who was making headlines. Blizzard even coined her as the game’s anchor tank thanks to her shield. But apparently, she is not living up to expectations.

In a report from Dot Esports, the studio plans to make some “minor improvements” to Orisa in “Overwatch.” They did not exactly reveal what these improvements are, but they are meant to make her a little bit interesting. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

What happened to Orisa?

Players believe that Orisa just does not fit well in the game.

She barely works well with other characters, unlike the other characters in the tank department. Many believe that this is a result of the ever growing popularity of dive meta in the game. This comp is basically about using highly mobile characters such as Winston, Genji, and Tracer, among others. Apparently, Orisa does not belong to this comp. Although some tanks do not necessarily join the dive meta, their skills are enough to complement the heroes of the said comp.

Since Orisa’s debut in March, the “Overwatch” developers have introduced a couple of buffs to her. For instance, her shield’s health base was increased. It is now half of Reinhardt’s shield. But despite these changes, players are still having a hard time finding the hero’s specific role.

Not because she is bugged or nerfed, her significance is simply out of reach. According to the game director Jeff Kaplan, who posted a statement on the game’s official site, there is nothing wrong with Orisa. He believes that the character is well-balanced and that her skills are enough to complement the other characters.

Minor improvements coming

Kaplan, however, promised that some “minor improvements” are coming to Orisa in “Overwatch.” He iterated that while this buff is confirmed, it will not be a “mega buff.” Kaplan also admitted that they have already started experimenting the character. Tweaks are made to her skills, damage, and even health base.

But as far as efficiency is concerned, the changes are far from reality. “Not quite in the ideal spot yet,” Kaplan claimed. The game director promised the community that substantial changes will be introduced. He just cannot provide an exact timeline, let alone the kind of changes they will introduce.

It is worth noting that Orisa is among the heroes in “Overwatchwho have low pick rates. For instance, in the third season of Apex in Korea, the character was only used for 27 minutes. This alone made her a less desirable tank hero in the game.