Riot previously revealed Kayn, the Shadow Reaper for "League of Legends," along with numerous updates, new skins, retooling (and hopefully more Champions joining the roster). Another Champion has been teased and revealed: "The Fire Below the Mountain" named Ornn. While they are suing "Mobile Legends" for copyright infringement, Riot stays strong with its updates to make the game interesting for everyone.

Here is the Champion reveal via SkinSpotlights on YouTube:


Passive Skills

Ornn's passive skills are "Living Forge" and "Master Craftsman." First, "Living Forge" allows Ornn to forge any items from the shop.

By doing so, he spends gold. It is the same as buying an item from the shop but players do not need to be recalled back to their home base. "Master Craftsman" allows Ornn's allies to receive one item upgrade from the shop. Basically, Ornn and his allies have access to special upgrades for select items in the shop. A player is only limited to one special upgrade. This upgraded item has boosted effects and a different name such as "Redemption" to "Salvation."

First Skill

His first skill is called "Volcanic Rupture." He slams the ground and that sends out a fissure. In turn, it slows and damages enemies struck with it. After a few seconds, a small magma pillar erupts at the end of the fissure, acting like a small wall.

Second Skill

His second skill is called "Bellows Breath." He spews out flames from his mouth and becomes unstoppable. While doing so, he shields himself and damages enemies. The damage deals a portion of the target's health as magic damage. Targets hit by the final gout will become Brittle. During this state, enemies struck with immobilizing effects suffer a percentage of their maximum health as damage.

Immobilizing effects last longer on enemies in Brittle state and these effects inlcude blows and stuns.

Third Skill

His third skill is called "Searing Charge." Ornn charges, dealing damage while knocking enemies up in the air and crashing through terrain. This is somewhat similar to Malphite's ultimate skill but the knock-up is shorter than that.

This ability destroys player-created terrain such as Anivia's wall. If this ability does not collide with terrain, then the only damage is dealt to enemies (without the knock-up).

Ultimate Skill

His ultimate skill is "Call of the Forge God" and it summons a fire elemental that slowly increases speed as it charges in a line. While charging towards Ornn, enemies struck on the first cast suffer damage and become Brittle. On the second cast, Ornn can redirect the path of the fire elemental. Enemies struck with the second cast gets knocked up in the air and damaged once again. In addition, they receive the Brittle status again.

Available in the next patch

Ornn may be available in patch 7.17 or 7.16.

Meanwhile, another group of "Star Guardian" skins were teased by Riot for Champions such as Syndra, Ezreal, Ahri, and Soraka. These Champion skins are also on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) server along with Ornn for testing. In addition, a "Star Guardian" game mode has been teased. Mentioning that - Ezreal, a male Champion, joins the all-female "Star Guardian" group. He is the first male Star Guardian Champion. Here is the announced, Star Guardian Ahri, for the game mode: