Too Kind Studio announced their upcoming game entitled "Pankapu" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will be released on console with the second chapter "The Last Aegis." The two chapters happen both in the dream world and in reality. The first chapter talks about Pankapu in the Dream World, defeating the forces of a nightmare. On the other hand, the other level talks about Jaha'rell's life in the real world---dark and tragic. He is troubled following a tragic accident.

For the PC version, the first chapter of the game is now available on Steam while the second one will release alongside with the console versions.

Here is the trailer below via the Pankapu official YouTube channel:

Game mechanics

Pankapu is presented from a two-dimensional perspective, similar to that of a story book. Players can choose from the three Aegis that can be switched in real time. These are the Mage, the Ranger, and the Warrior. This switching-job system is created to suit all players battle preferences and to turn the tides of battle. Players can switch to a ranged Aegis to target far away enemies while using the sword-wielding type to demolish nearby enemies.

Furthermore, jobs or Aegis types aren't the only things present in Pankapu. There are numerous weapon enchantments in the game that can help players, too. Along with a few selection of weapons, these enchantments either boost damage input or buff the player's stats, especially health.

It is recommended that players should use a controller for the PC version, due to some players' reviews on the first "Prologue" chapter. Focusing on weapon enchantments, players can infuse their weapons with the powers of Dream.

Thirdly, the Nebula System allows players to unlock skills from their skill tree, making their Aegis stronger and more efficient in battles.

Defeat the Prince of Nightmares

Every child's paradise is a good dream, not nightmares. As a player that controls Pankapu, who is created by Iketomi, the God of Dreams, the goal is to defeat Gangreyn, the Prince of Nightmares. The name "Gangreyn," somewhat comes from the word "gangrene," which is something infectious and destructive.

Players delve into the dream world, vanquishing nightmares while also tapping into Jaha'rell's perspective in the real world.

Pankapu is set to be released this September on three consoles: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, a Nintendo Switch version will be released at a later date. However, no specific information has been disclosed yet. More information will be released in the future.