A new Champion is going to be joining the "League of Legends" roster soon. The creators and developers, Riot, recently revealed their newest Champion named "Kayn, the Shadow Reaper." They are on a roll after releasing the two latest Champions named Xayah and Rakan. In addition, along with new interactions, abilities and skills are highlighted as well. Kayn holds his scythe proudly named "Rhaast," which is hinted that he is the brother of Aatrox.

Furthermore, his teacher is Zed, one of the older Champions in "League of Legends." Kayn has that special interaction with the aforementioned Champions in the said game.

The Champion reveal and special interactions via SkinSpotlights can be viewed below:

One important thing that Rhaast hates are the race called "yordles" (Teemo, Tristana, Rumble, etc.)

Skills and abilities

First, Kayn's passive is called "Darkin Scythe." This passive ability allows Kayn to gain experience orbs depending on what type of enemy Champion is hit. The path and orbs to "Shadow Assassin" transformation are gained and progressed when he hits Range-type enemy Champions. On the other hand, the "Darkin" transformation is progressed when he hits Melee-type enemy Champions. In Shadow Assassin form, Kayn can deal bonus magic damage during the first few seconds of auto-attacks. On Darkin form, his attacks and spells heal him for a good amount.

Q (Reaping Slash)

Moving on to his Q ability, it is called "Reaping Slash." He dashes forward to the target and slashing it in a circular motion, dealing area-of-effect damage. Using this ability in Darkin form deals bonus-percent health damage to enemy Champions except minions.

W (Blade's Reach)

Second, his W ability is called "Blade's Reach." This spell deals damage in a line an slows down enemies.

In Shadow Assassin form, he leaves behind a shadow that does this spell as he moves around. In addition, the spell has increased range compared to the normal one. On the other hand, using this spell in Darkin form briefly knocks up enemies on air while dealing damage at the same time.

E (Shadow Step)

His E ability is called "Shadow Step." This spell lets him traverse through walls while gaining a boost of movement speed and heal for a small amount.

However, when he is in combat with enemy Champions or got hit by one, the bonus healing will not commence. In Shadow Assassin form, he gains more boost of movement speed and becomes immune to slows.

R (Umbral Trespass)

His R ability or Ultimate attack is called "Umbral Trespass." This ultimate attack or spell makes Kayn invincible for a short time. In addition, he "Trespasses" into an enemy Champion that got hit by his attacks earlier. By activating this ability again, he gets out of the target and deals a huge amount of damage. This ability is useful for escaping or killing an escaping enemy Champion. A detailed performance can be viewed below via SkinSpotlights on YouTube:

He also has a skin along with his reveal and this is called "Soulhunter Kayn." The Champion skin can be viewed below via SkinSpotlights on YouTube:

Just so when players think that Kayn can walk through walls around the map, he can also walk outside the map---just a little farther from the normal map border.

A YouTuber named Vandiril performed the test:

Kayn, the Shadow Reaper is on the PBE server for further testing and will be released soon on the next League of Legends patch, which may buff some Champions.