The “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 is now live and everyone’s busy trying to collect as many cosmetic items as they can. Granted, fans could always turn to buying loot boxes as an easier way to unlocking skins and such. However, others prefer to do it the natural way through farming XP and completing the arcade challenges. In line with this, the previous Summer Games items are also available to unlock this year, and you can even buy them using in-game credits. If you’ve missed the event or you’re new to the game, here are some of the previous “Overwatch” skins you have to get.

Tracer - Track and Field

Tracer, Lucio, and Zarya were the stars of the show during the last event, with the three of them getting their personal legendary skins. Similarly, Tracer had two versions of her Track And Field costume, but this looks so much better as the time-traveling gunner is representing her home country. She has the design of the British flag on her back while she’s also sporting the same colors on her outfit. The Summer Games are pretty much about representing your country, so it’s great that “Overwatch’s” poster girl had her own skin that matched the overall theme.

Lucio – Seleção

Another fan favorite skin from the previous event, Lucio gears up in a simple yellow t-shirt and blue pants.

While this outfit may seem a bit lackluster compared to his other skins, this costume gives us some insight into his lore before he became the freedom fighting DJ. The official description states that aside from hockey, Lucio also loved playing football with the kids in Rio de Janeiro. In line with this, the tip of his weapon even slightly resembles the part of a soccer ball which is a pretty cool nod to the lore.

If you’re a big Lucio fan or if you main him, you shouldn’t miss out on your chance to grab this skin.

Genji – Nihon

Unlike the other two items, Genji’s Nihon skin isn’t actually legendary and is simply counted as an epic.

While the costume doesn’t actually change his appearance as a cyborg ninja, it gives his armor a fresh white paint job. There’s also the symbol of his home country, Japan, engraved on his chest which is a good nod to the overall theme of the Summer Games. However, the best thing about this skin is the weapon redesign that comes with it. He gets a beautifully crafted white blade with red accents on the tip. The weapon alone is enough for Genji players to buy this skin, especially since it’s just the normal cost.