Nippon Ichi Software recently promoted their upcoming game entitled "Hakoniwa Company Works." The game mostly featured Minecraft--like mechanics because of its crafting-RPG genre. In addition, the game mostly featured the elements of RPG and simulation. On the other hand, the same company uploaded an overview trailer for their upcoming horror-genre game entitled "Shin Yomawari" or "Yomawari: Midnight Shadows" in English.

Contrary to what people usually encounter in horror-themed games, the character designs of the two protagonists in the said game suits their personality.

The characters may be cute, but the overall game and system are intrinsically inclined to horror. This is the reason why this game is appealing. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows is a sequel to the first one. Here is the overview trailer from Nippon Ichi Software via YouTube:

Nighttime, places, and monsters

The protagonists are named Yui and Haru. They went to see the summer festival fireworks on the mountains. However, when the night arrived, they lost their way home and ended up separated. They gather some courage, hoping to find one another again and go home safely. In addition, they will wander through a night town that is different during the day.

Players will only rely on a single light source, depending on the area.

They have a flashlight in hand and every information gathered can be used in another perspective. Since the game revolves around the perspectives of the two protagonists, the story progresses by switching between the viewpoints of the Yui and Haru.

Protective charms and hiding spots

There are charms that will help protect Yui and Haru from various "obake" or spirits/monsters lurking in the night.

There are spirits that roam around during night time and this is the perfect opportunity for them to strike at Yui and Haru. However, the two girls also have the upper hand. Players should listen to their heartbeat and make frequent use of the flashlight. Some spirits are not visible to the naked eye. However, with a flashlight, some of them might be uncovered.

Other than using an item or some charms, players can also hide in areas. In turn, they must listen closely to the girl's heartbeats. This is a crucial step between life and death.

Release dates

Shin Yomawari or Yomawari: Midnight Shadows will launch on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita consoles. The game will be released on August 24 in Japan, while October 24 in North America with a PC version via Steam. Lastly, the game will be released on October 27 in Europe.