Horror Games have slowly been evolving over the years regarding graphics, story, and gameplay. Lately, these types of games are being played from a first-person perspective which aims to place you in the position of the protagonist. Various games like “Resident Evil 7,” “Outlast,” and “Amnesia: The Dark Descent” has been praised for making the most out of this mechanic.

While realistic graphics and terrifying-looking monsters may be scary, old horror games used different methods to freak out the player. Let’s take a look at some of the few classic horror games that can still scare players to this day despite their outdated mechanics and graphics.

‘Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem’

This horror game was a Gamecube exclusive that not only messed with the mind of characters but also with the player. The plot revolves around a character named Alexandra Roivas who is trying to investigate her grandfather’s mysterious murder. While exploring his mansion, she comes across a Tomb where she experiences the lives of people scattered through time. Just like any typical horror game, “Eternal Darkness” requires players to solve puzzles while fighting demonic creatures.

However, the game truly shines with its “Sanity effects” as characters have a sanity meter that slowly depletes during several situations. If it gets too low, the game begins to change and mess with the player’s perceptions by breaking the fourth wall.

There will be some instances when the Gamecube will try to “delete” the save file, or the screen will “shut down” during mid-gameplay. However, none of these affect the game and merely act as a distraction for the player.

‘Resident Evil 2’

The second entry to the “Resident Evil” franchise launched back on the PlayStation 1 following the success of the first game.

Here, you can choose to play either the Rookie cop Leon Kennedy who arrives in Raccoon City for his first day of the job or Claire Redfield who came to the town looking for her brother, Chris, who was a playable character in the first game. “Resident Evil 2” is one of the most iconic titles in the series, and despite its graphics, still manages to scare fans to this day with its creepy atmosphere and chilling music.

Due to its popularity, the game will be getting a remake that is scheduled to release “soon,” report PlayStation LifeStyle.

‘Silent Hill 2’

Arguably the best installment in the “Silent Hill” series, the second game focuses on a man named James Sunderland who travels to Silent Hill seeking out his dead wife. The psychological narrative delves deep into James’ subconscious as you learn more about how he feels about his late partner and the other perverted thoughts he had during her time in the hospital. With such a gripping and compelling plot, “Silent Hill 2” still manages to scare fans up to this day.