Nippon Ichi Software is hard at work to promote their upcoming game Hakoniwa Company Works. The first trailer was released and it contained numerous game information. First, there are five classes to choose from. Each class has its own strengths and uses. One class supports, one class gathers materials and blocks efficiently, while the other deals devastating damage to enemies.

In addition, other areas are introduced. These areas are unique and different from each other. One area contains ice blocks while the other contains sand blocks. Depending on the chosen area, players can utilize their tools to gather materials.

Next, these materials can be crafted into another item, especially furniture. Furthermore, players can choose weapons that can be used in map destruction. Through this, players can obtain blocks and items, especially the blocks from below the surface.

Players can use obtained blocks to traverse other places in a certain area. Since a player can only jump once, they can place a block to reach higher areas. Hakoniwa Company Works is just like Minecraft. This a crafting-simulation game combined with RPG elements. However, the mechanics are different because of the added RPG elements. Here is the second trailer via nippon1software on YouTube.

Furniture and decorations

Crafting plays a crucial role in increasing stats in Hakoniwa Company Works.

In addition, each furniture offers a unique addition to the player's stats. Based on the trailer, players can craft a furniture or decoration, and place it on the desired spot. Once placed, these furniture or decorations increase a certain stat.

On the other hand, weapons used by players also play a crucial role. These weapons are used in map destruction for block gathering.

Other than the shovel, pickaxe, axe, and other tools, these weapons can also be used to destroy the map. Players can obtain materials and blocks through map destruction.

Towns, crafting, and areas

Returning the focus on crafting, players can place decorations in towns or create their own house in the area. Second, they can craft numerous selections of furniture and interior decorations.

Areas or worlds are revealed in the trailer as well. The following areas are: "Dead Rock," "Love & Peace (Lava and Peace)," "Green Grass," and "Amatsushima." Talking to NPCs (Company) will offer players nmerous quests for recipes and materials. This is important as well.

Hakoniwa Company Works will be released on the PlayStation 4 console. The exact date will be on July 13 in Japan. Fans should hope for a Western release. Hopefully, Nippon Ichi Software would hear their plea.