For those who can’t get enough of cats in actual reality, here’s your chance to obsess over kitties in virtual reality: independent game developer and publisher Pawmigo Games has revealed “Cat Sorter VR,” an absurd game about rebuilding “defective” cats.

Launching on Steam for Htc Vive on August 29, the VR game seems to be a cat quality assurance simulator. In the trailer, a line of fur babies is shown with mixed-up body parts waiting for their turn under the cat scanner.

Game mechanics

Players take on the role of a scanner operator, wherein the objective is to swap various body parts for the cat to meet the minimum standard before being sent out into the world.

As the kitties are spat out, players might need to replace a wonky eye, add a limb, give the cat a butthole, add an ear, nose, tail – the whole nine yards of building a proper cat, if we could build one in actual reality.

Cat Sorter VR” promises a whole lot of fun, but the challenging part is speed. Making your refinements should be done as quickly and as many as you can. This all being in VR on the HTC Vive, there’s plenty of opportunity for mayhem. Your work area is filled with goofy sticky notes, and the cats will cause conveyer belt jams if you let them. The VR game is aimed at all ages and airs on the side of light hearted fun.

The makers behind the cat-crazed game

Cat Sorter VR” is the debut title from indie studio Pawmigo, designed by Spencer Stuard.

The video game designer founded the small company a little more than a year ago and says that he knew from the beginning that a cat VR game was to be his first project.

One fun fact about Stuard is that he used to work for Disney Interactive, and the previously called SGN Games – now Jam City – makers of the hit gaming apps such as “Cookie Jam,” “Panda Pop,” “Juice Jam,” “The Book of Life: Sugar Smash,” and “Genies and Gems.”

“It is unlike any cat game with simple pick-up-and-play mechanics,” Stuard said in a press release.

“We are delighted to give cat lovers attending CatCon the opportunity to be the very first to experience the fresh gameplay and light-hearted humor of Cat Sorter VR.”

The game will be demoed at CatCon 2017 on August 12 to 13. What is CatCon, you ask? Why it's only the premiere cat and cat enthusiast convention! Held in Pasadena, CA, show-goers will be able to experience the cute cat butt surgeon simulator for the first time ever. Check out the adorable cats in the trailer below: