Capcom released a new gameplay trailer for “Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite” on August 22, 2017. The trailer reveals tons of amazing details about the game, especially on how it looks. The trailer shows an impressive overall graphics, as well as a smooth combat system. The trailer also reveals limited time edition costumes for some characters in the game. However, obtaining it might cost a lot of some, though it is worth it. The gameplay trailer also shows a lot of popular characters that players will surely enjoy using.

The game offers a lot of new contents

The latest gameplay trailer of “Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite” reveals a new character, which is Jedah. The said character is one of the most powerful villains in the Capcom universe. Jedah also has the ability to create multiple combos, making his opponent completely vulnerable. The trailer also shows his devastating finisher, where he sealed his opponent in a piece of paper. Aside from the new character, “Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite” also features new moves from every character, giving it a fresh look to some players that have already played its previous versions. Players can also use the Soul Stone in the game, which can revive a teammate, as well as steal an opponent's life.

Players will also see Ghost Rider in the gameplay trailer, which offers extremely fast attacks.

Limited edition costumes are worth to collect

At the end of the trailer, players can see four characters that have special edition costumes. First is Thor's Warriors costume, where his armor is removed. Players can also obtain the Evil Ryu costume, which is one of the favorites regarding Ryu's costumes.

Players will also see the Gladiator Hulk costume, which is similar to Hulk's costume that was seen in the movie trailer of “Thor Ragnarok.” Mega Man's Command Mission X costume can also be obtained. Acquiring all of the said costumes cost a little as players will need to pre-purchase the game in order to get all of them.

There are also two other pre-order options that fans can try.

First is the pre-ordering of the Deluxe Edition, which will give the user an access to the game's season pass, which unlocks future characters. The other one is the Super-Premium Collector's Edition, which will give its users four limited edition statues. The four statues are Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Chun-Li and Mega Man X. Players will also get Infinite Stone replicas. Die hard fans of the game should definitely consider getting the limited time collectibles.