Just like last year with the NES Classic Edition, pre-order allocations for the snes classic edition are causing an uproar among retailers. Nintendo is strategically preying on the nostalgia most video game enthusiasts are feeling to play some of the games they grew up with. This had led to massive shortages of their first retro console when it came out before the holidays last year.

Pre-orders in the United States for the Super Nintendo Entertain System Classic Edition started last Friday at Walmart. Meanwhile, gamers across the pond in the UK were able to pre-purchase their units the same day the game system was announced.

Without any heads up from Nintendo

Walmart's surprise announcement blindsided a lot of eager buyers. The North American retail giant opened its pre-order page for the SNES Classic Edition without any notice. However, despite being caught off-guard, consumers hurried to their nearest store location and placed their pre-orders. It was noted that all allocated stocks for the retro game machine were sold out within 40 minutes. Collectively, those who were unaware due to their reasons at the time are quite upset with the turnout.

Surprise cancellations

It seems that the complaints are not limited to the consumers who were not able to reserve their units.

Some individuals who were lucky enough to secure their orders were reportedly upset as well. The retailer claimed that their system encountered an error, which apparently activated the pre-order announcement ahead of the predetermined schedule. They then proceeded to cancel everything, according to several reports on social media.

However, there are conflicting reports that claim the orders canceled were only for new unverified Walmart accounts.

On the other hand, there are still some buyers who confirmed that their orders are still active. Perhaps the retailer has not contacted those customers just yet. Some sources also claim the store’s call centers might communicate with all the people who pre-ordered soon to inform them about the cancellation.

Pre-selling to continue with other stores

Some sources claim that Walmart’s pre-order announcement was legit. Other retailers like Amazon and Target are most likely next to pre-sell the SNES Classic Edition. Buyers are advised to keep a close watch for any updates about the product’s availability.

Consumers are still wary of Nintendo’s commitment to manufacturing enough units in time for the holiday season. Meanwhile, stores should also regulate the number of consoles each can purchase to prevent scalpers from taking advantage. The retro game system will launch on Sept. 29, 2017.