The next "Overwatch" Public Test Realm Update is apparently quite massive. This is witnessed by the fact that those who are registered for the PTR have begun seeing the update download using the Background Download feature. This means that it is downloading well ahead of the official release to the PTR players in order to save time when it is ready. PVPLive points out that the download is weighing in at 4.18 gigabytes. Because it's so large, there are some in the community who think there might be something special included in the download.

When talking about games the scope and scale of "Overwatch" it might not appear as though 4.18 gigabytes is all that big.

The issue is that downloads in the PTR tend to be quite small unless we're talking about massive changes to a character or a layout. So far, this update, labeled update 1.14 PTR is said to just have some buffs and nerfs.

'Overwatch' dev team attempting to reassure

While there have been some Public Test Realm users who have been scratching their heads at the size of the update, the "Overwatch" development team has attempted to explain the issues away. Blizzard bigwig Bill Warnecke recently took to the official Reddit page in order to illustrate why the file is so large. "The 1.14 PTR includes some hero balance changes like Geoff Goodman has spoken about on the "Overwatch" forums, but also contains some file format changes which is why the patch is so large." We're using the background downloader so we don't overload the client distribution servers with such a large patch, and

Warnecke added Blizzard is using the background downloader so nothing is overloading the client distribution servers.

While Warnecke didn't say it outright, PVP Live pointed out there's a safe bet that there might be some summer event content included in the patch as well. Considering there are said to be about 40 different additions to the game coming in that summer event, it makes sense the download would be large.

Junkrat getting 'Overwatch' update as part of patch

One part of the update we do know is coming are some changes to the lovable Aussie character Junkrat. There has long been talk about the concussion mine finally being buffed in order to greatly increase his mobility. There has also been talk that "Overwatch" devs are looking at buffing the RIP-Tire attack.

The devs are said to be looking at making it harder to take down or making it faster so that more opponents will get caught in the blast. PTR update 1.14 is expected in the next few days and we'll find out then just what it contains.